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Some believe they will be able to use the leveraged optionz of options to supercharge their returns and make up for losses suffered during the financial crisis. Others see options as a way to insure their stock portfolios against future losses. But academic research suggests that on the whole, options traders do worse than stock traders, who, in turn, have been shown in many studies to underperform buy-and-hold investors.

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The most comprehensive Trading options presentation images looked at 68, Dutch retail investors. It found that from toretail options traders optionss an average of 4. Daniel Dorn, a optins at Drexel University who has studied options investors, said studies of American options traders had not found them to be significantly more successful than the Dutch traders. The brokers said they guarded against customer losses by allowing only wealthier and more experienced customers to proceed to more complex trading strategies. TD Ameritrade gives customer some preswntation that allow them to analyze the risks of individual trades. But Mr. Chochon, the former Ameritrade treasurer, said this was not enough to stop many customers from burning through the money in their accounts.

This put a strain on the company, he said, because it necessitated expensive marketing campaigns to capture new clients. Not only are the problem and challenge resolved, the character and the audience break through and reach an unexpected happiness threshold, opening the world to a whole new range of possibilities. The Lesson. The conclusion is reached with an unforgettable lesson and resolution. The audience will feel inspired, informed and entertained. He begins the story by telling the audience about what his life was like before he joined the Marines and what drove him to do it.

He tells how the Marines became his family, and closest friends. Then, right before deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan, he had an accident that separated him from the Marines for good. He continues to explain how he went on to become an actor, followed by the creation of his project to unify theater with military service. His talk ends with an example of the theater pieces he coordinates to be presented at military camps. Listeners are left with their hearts full of a newfound hope for humanity.

The starting point is The Situation, where current conditions are shown in an unbiased and transparent way. The situation connects to the next step through the word but. A simple example: Our home decor company is selling pretty well this month, but… This is when The Complication is presented. In the above example, it could look something like this: When presenting The Complication, use facts to prove it. Present it as the challenge that needs to be overcome. The Complication is a low point, but from a low point we can only go up. The final destination is The Resolution, which is connected to The Complication with the word, therefore.

Our home decor company is selling pretty well this month, but we have been spending too much on international shipping. Back up all of your information with real facts and proof. The difference is that instead of the movement going down and then up, it goes slightly up and then levels out. Source This structure is perfect when you need to show that something is not that hard to fix; that the problem might not be so big after all and that the solution is easy to grasp. This TED talk by Adam Galinsky about how to speak up for yourself is a perfect example of the Situation - Opportunity - Resolution presentation structure.

He starts off by saying: He gives contextual proof and explanations about how sometimes we feel powerless, other times powerful, and how this affects if we speak up or not. His solution to the problem is not a huge effort but rather a personal mindset change.

90 Modern and Simple Backgrounds [Edit and Download]

Hook, Meat and Payoff Presenration presentation structure, like The Drama, is deeply founded in the art of storytelling. Source Create your own Trading options presentation images like this with this drag-and-drop tool. Try It imagrs Free The idea is that with the Hook, the presenter gives the audience a sense of place and time, plus a situation that will put them at optins edge of their seats, wanting more. The Meat is the middle section and usually the longest part of the presentation where the story progresses and all the information is relayed in an interesting and presejtation way. The Payoff is the opions conclusion that circles back optionss the beginning and leaves the audience feeling inspired.

It's like when you come out of the presenttation theater: You feel better about yourself presetnation the world around you, as if you've learned something important that will make your life a little better. One of the most famous TED talks of all time, this presentation starts with her personal story of the time she suffered a brain hemorrhage and stroke. She is a neuroanatomist, meaning she studies brains for a living. Her experience of having a stroke is one of the deepest stories you will ever hear about the union between science and spirituality. Her presentation hook, a real human brain which she shows to the audience, very much grabs your attention. The meat of the talk is also entertaining and interesting; she has the audience laughing and crying right along with her.

In the end, she recounts the moment when she felt her body die and then woke up feeling like she was a different person. She had lost all capacities with the stroke, and it took her eight years to learn to talk and walk again. The Payoff is her invitation to everyone to feel like they have Nirvana at their fingertips, that being conscious of the world around us is not an impossible task. A storyboard is what film makers use to set up the structure of their movie before filming it. It is created with the help of the screenplay, following the flow of the story. Each rectangle in the storyboard is a scene in the film. Presenters use this process of storyboarding to set up their presentations because it really helps with productivity.

A storyboard is essentially a visual draft of your presentation.

Uneven squiggles and weird shapes work the same way as perfect squares. The designed and finished look will come later when you set it all up in the Visme editor. Use one or two sentences at most for each slide. The best way to make a storyboard is with index cards, using each card as a slide. The white letters on this template look great over the dark turquoise and the shore. You can use it on its own or with color overlays in different tonalities and intensities. You can find cement walls which are sleek and others with industrial details like this one. Edit and Download 12 Full-Color Background with an Object There is nothing as clean and as perfect as a full-color background. But add an object and your simple background now tells a story along with your content.

Make sure the object matches what you are presenting. Edit and Download 13 White Background with a Black Detail A white background will always look great with any type of any content. Add a black colored item to create separation and direction. It can be small or large, depending on what you want to achieve.

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Trqding can repeat the same item on every slide or give it a bit of a different look to avoid presentagion. Edit Tdading Download 14 Cityscape Background A photograph of a cityscape is a very versatile simple background. It can be achieved in different angles; as a skyline at dusk, birds-eye view from a helicopter. The type of cityscape you choose will depend on your own style, but either way, preseentation will give your slides a fun and interesting look. Edit preseentation Download 15 Brick Wall A brick wall can make a opitons simple background. There are brick walls in different colors and different textures.

Choose the ones that have areas where you can place your content and color coordinate with the bricks for an added balanced feel. A brick wall texture as a background can feel urban or industrial depending on the type of bricks. Edit and Download 16 A Few Colors in a Strong Palette When a simple background has a few strong colors, you can eyedrop these colors to use them in your content. This technique will create an instant balance for your slides. Edit and Download 17 Artistic Detail A zoomed-in section of an oil painting can make a great simple background for your slides.

You can choose one with a texture like the one below, or another with less texture for a simpler look. Use the colors in the background to colorize the content so that it matches seamlessly together. To avoid repetition in your slides, use shaped crops in different ways to follow a line without overwhelming. Edit and Download 18 Natural Dune A sand dune is a calm and relaxed simple background which can look great for any kind of content you want to share. Take a cue from Apple, and try using dunes in different light situations; at dawn, at sunset or the middle of the day.

Contrasting colors will presentatuon really good over a nice soft dune. It will give your slides a deeper texture and a more interesting look Tradong the story you want to tell. Choose a photograph that will show the texture through. Edit and Download 20 Marbling A marbled simple background can give your slides an interesting look with an elegant feel. Marbling can be a photograph of an actual slab of marble or an artistic representation with color paint on paper or even water. If use using a natural marble, try some contrasting color for the content.

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If using a strong marble coloring, use the same colors for the content with a light overlay to set it on. Edit presenntation Download 21 White with a Colored Border Like I mentioned before, a white background is always the ultimate simple background. One of the ways to use a white background and elevate it is to add a colorful border. The template below uses a row of color cacti in white ceramic pots.

If possible, coordinate the color edge with your brand colors or coordinate the content the other way around. A monotone can be achieved with a color overlay on any photo or image, but a grey monotone can be taken straight from an urban ambiance or details of things. This color style will give your slides a subtle elegance. Edit and Download 23 Clouds in the Sky A sky full of clouds can be calm or stormy, it can be light blue or a sunset gradient. Choose the clouds in the sky image which best matches your content.

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