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It is important protection for the franchisor and is not usually a optiob missing from the franchise agreement. This section will list the prerequisites optiob a transfer. These violations may be divided into those breaches that result in the immediate termination of the franchise agreement, for which no cure is given, and those violations for which cure is provided. Relationship Between the Parties Franchisees are always treated as independent contractors of the franchisor. This has several important implications.

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An independent contractor is not an employee or agent of the principal. Instead, the independent contractor is in business for themselves. Indemnification All Samle agreements will contain an indemnification covenant, which means that the franchisee will reimburse the franchisor for any losses it suffers as a result of some negligent act or wrongdoing of the franchisee. These covenants are almost always one-sided in favor of the franchisor -- which is fair, given that the franchisee and not the franchisor is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the business.

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Each share of Provisiom Stock shall be purchased for an amount equal to the Selling Price. The purchase price payable at the closing shall be paid in cash. Legend on Stock Certificates. Promptly after execution of this Agreement, each Shareholder shall deliver to the Company the certificates for all shares of Stock owned by the Shareholder, and the Company shall place on each certificate a legend reading substantially as follows: By acceptance of this certificate the holder hereof agrees to be bound by the terms of said Agreement.

The 19 Covenants of a Standard Franchise Agreement

Specific Performance. The parties declare that it is impossible to measure in money the damages that will optioh to a person having rights under this Agreement by reason of a failure of another to optkon any obligation imposed by the Agreement. Accordingly, if any person institutes an action or proceeding to enforce this Agreement by specific performance, any person against whom the action or proceeding is brought hereby waives the claim or defense that the complaining party has an adequate remedy at law, and no person shall in any action or proceeding put forward the claim or defense that an adequate remedy at law exists.

Termination of Agreement.

This Agreement shall terminate upon the occurrence of the earlier of Sampke of the following events: Agreement Not Restricted. Governing Law. The Put Option may be exercised with respect to any amount optoin is equal to or less than ghe entire balance of the outstanding Put Shares, at any time during the earlier to occur of the following Put Option provission periods the "Put Period": If not exercised during the Put Period, the Put Option shall terminate and shall be of no further force or effect. The Put Notice shall specify the date on which the closing of the purchase of the Put Shares shall take place the "Put Closing Date"which such date shall be no earlier than ten 10 days but no later than thirty 30 days from the date of the Put Notice.

On or before the Put Closing Date, Lender will deliver to the Company the certificate s representing the Put Shares duly endorsed for transfer by Lender or accompanied by duly executed stock powers in blank and the Company shall tender to Lender the Put Price in cash by wire transfer of immediately available funds to an account at a bank designated by Lender.

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The Company and Lender acknowledge and agree that the Company's obligation to purchase the Issued Shares from Lender pursuant to the Puy Option is an Obligation secured by the Collateral and any related guarantees under the Loan Documents, and for so long as the Put Option is outstanding and, bibld exercised, the Put Price is not yet tendered, the Lender's right to receive the Put Price shall be secured by the Collateral and any related guarantees under the Loan Documents. Lender's right to exercise the Put Option shall not be transferred or assigned to any third party.

The Company shall send written notice of the proposed Fundamental Transaction In the event of a Prohibited Transfer, the Purchasers shall have the option to sell to the Proposed Seller a number of shares of Common Stock of the Company either directly or through delivery of Preferred Stock equal to the number of shares that the Purchasers would have been entitled to sell had such Prohibited Transfer been effected in accordance with Article 1 hereof, on the following terms and conditions: Subject to the limitations provided in this Section 3. The Put Option may be exercised as to any portion of a Warrant.

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