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Read on for more information and some answers to questions you may have about last minute adoption and how it works. I'm in labor, can I make an adoption plan now?

You can call an adoption agency or adoption law center. They will be able to find a family who will be thrilled to adopt your adoptoon and provide an immediate, permanent, loving home for him or her. They may even be able to send you links to several families' profiles so that you can still chose the perfect family for your baby. The adoptive parents will come to the hospital as quickly as possible to pick up your baby and meet with you if you want that.

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You can also call Social Services or the hospital will contact them and your child will be placed in foster care. If this happens, you may or may not be i to regain custody of your child at a later time. I already had my baby, can I make an adoption plan now? If you are still in the hospital or even at home with your child and feel that you cannot take care of him or her, you have two options. Even if your baby is a little older, you can still call an adoption agency or adoption law center. They most likely have a number of families who are interested in adopting an older child up to around 2-years-old.

If colirado like, you will be able to choose the right family for you, and both you and your child will have the opportunity to meet the family to make afoption transition as easy and smooth as possible for your child. Or, you can work with Social Services and they will find a foster family who can take your child in temporarily. Again, you may or may not be able to regain custody of your child. Foster Care Placements can be planned for prior to birth, but the final decision to place a child into foster care is made after the birth of the child, unless children's services has determined it would be a danger for the child to go home with you.

In that case, the child is placed directly into a foster care home and long range planning begins. Tell me a little bit about the events that led you to choose open adoption? I was about 12 weeks pregnant when I decided to seriously look into adoption. I was going to have to do it on my own.

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I created a pros and cons list of keeping her and placing her. I also prayed a lot for answers. After a few months of thinking and Puttint I came to my decision. I also know a few birthmothers who had placed their babies one 14 years ago and one four years ago. I asked them lots of questions. What made you decide that open adoption was the right option for you? The only way I was going to do adoption was if it was open.

With my open adoption I still have a relationship and I feel I have gained a family instead of losing a child. How cloorado did you know about open adoption before you started the process? I had NO idea about open adoption! I just thought adoption was where you have your baby and they wheel it away and you never see it again What was the scariest part? Well, being pregnant for the first time was scary.

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But there were two scariest parts. When I signed my rights away. Adooption second scariest part was giving her to her adoptive parents. I still get teary and sad thinking about it. You are trusting them that they will do what they agreed to.

The two biggest things were that they were married and they had financial stability because those were the reasons I placed her in the first place. I wanted my baby to live somewhat close — no more than 2 states away. I also looked for a mother who would be stay at home and of course I looked for a cute family! My baby was going to the cutest family: I imagine you had a lot of potential parents to choose from.

Can I Decide to Place My Baby For Adoption After I Give Birth?

How did you narrow down your choices? There is meas search you can do and after my criteria was entered I only had about 7 couples from each state. I actually chose a different couple at first. I emailed them and never got a reply. I think being yourself. Also being open minded.

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