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One example of restructured intermediation is when a bank designs a specific product for its customer s but executes the transaction through a third party—such as a special investment vehicle SIV —rather than directly: At the same time the intermediary deals with the client in an identical transaction. Restructured intermediation may also be employed for regulatory, tax, or other reasons. The instruments of intermediation may be specially designed derivatives Chapter 2 that enable participants to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined forward price; options that grant the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price; or swaps and other customized over-the-counter OTC contracts.

They permit the holder to virtually simulate any financial activity by redrawing assets and liabilities, separating and recombining different types of exposures, bypassing what regulators may prohibit, and changing the taxation profile of a client, investor, or company. This is an investment product with a wide variety of characteristics, and its importance has significantly increased in the early years of the twenty-first century. CHAPTER 1 Financial Innovation 17 Tailored to meet a range of investment objectives, these instruments share the characteristic that banks establish for them bid-ask prices on each trading day: If the certificate is based on a performance index, Then on expiry of the period, interim earnings on the underlying asset can generally be collected as capital gains.

As advantages of index certificates, market participants cite that they have relatively low transaction costs and comparatively good liquidity; they require a low minimum capital outlay; and they provide a basis for risk diversification. From a legal viewpoint, index certificates are debt securities on which no interim dividends are paid.

A single repayment is made when the certificate matures. Moreover, critics say that lack of foating also prevails in connection to their pricing. True enough, pricing is most often a challenge with financial instruments, but the more complex they are, the more opaque they become. Basically, the value of index certificates, or participation certificates, is derived from their underlying. Generally the underlying is key domestic and foreign share indexes. Shipowners who know how to play with the system could use it to hedge the future value of their assets, while speculators employ the paper ship index for profits.

What this index provides is the ability to page the value of assets, but as with all hedges, there is the risk of a counterparty going bust Chapter 4. Leveraged bets have great risks because nobody really knows which way the market will switch.

Experts had not really foreseen this, but while everybody has been jumping on the bandwagon, very few people have been questioning whether and when the shipping boom Puttablw started in will end. At the origin of the paper ship index is a brokerage firm: Clarkson Ship Brokers. Annoyed by the fact that insurance companies Puuttable not been providing residual value insurance, Richard Fulford Smith, one of its brokers, developed a derivative to fill the gap. Expert insurers say that dealing with the paper ship index is a game too complex for small ship owners, but it can be rewarding to those who truly understand its risk and reward profile. People with a positive reaction to the paper ship index add that using this and similar instruments comes down to magnifying read: In all branches of finance, the major question to ask in terms of leveraging is on whose balance sheet this takes place: As with any instrument, the pricing affects the issuer, the buyer, and the market as a whole.

Still another challenge is that of arriving at a factual and documented answer to the question of how far the paper ship index is effective in laying off risk. As all derivatives, one of the counterparties will benefit and the other will lose.

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CHAPTER 1 Financial Innovation 19 This is tantamount to speculating, and some experts suggest that serious shipping companies should not be interested in the paper ship index. Another reason for this negative reaction is that a derivative shipping instrument cannot, and does not, have a commitment to high quality of services. A crucial problem confronting the shipping insurance market is that it has not reached a level at which it incorporates an appropriate price for assumed risk. It comes therefore as no surprise that freight derivatives have interested not only investment banks but also shipowners, though the majority is still cautious about an instrument they know little about.

Forward freight agreements FFAs are still relatively new in the market, even if experts suggest that with time they will become an inevitable part of shipping. People careful about instrument design, as well as its risk and return, say that FFAs are not traditional forward contracts see Chapter 2.

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Their handling needs a Puttabke of sophistication that does not yet exist in the shipping sector, particularly among companies which are small- to medium-sized family-run organizations. There is as well the opinion that, as it has happened with other complex instruments, most markets are not ready to embrace FFAs. Today, there is no forewarning system on credit risk, though there is an ongoing discussion that includes some of the parties involved in FFA transactions. Knowledgeable people suggest that a sound approach is to include all of the parties: Critics, however, say the idea that brokers would draw up such a forewarning system poses an inherent conflict of interest.

Putable Some experts advise that to help Puttablee calculate the odds, shipowners should make macroeconomic analysis and study macroopportunities. Many forward deals like currency exchange, stock indexes, bond futures, and several other derivatives have a macrodimension. Moreover, momentum must be gained with profits commensurate to the risks being taken. When the amount of exposure increases without a corresponding growth in returns, wise investors shift assets away from CHAPTER 1 Financial Innovation 21 risky investments to those of less exposure.

Risk and return sees to it that shipowners are more likely to use forward freight agreements when they labor to secure part of their new-building projects. For instance, in a Greek shipowner company was able to order up to five more units by carefully considering its timing in an FFA market that was on the rise: Deals in the futures and forwards markets Chapter 2 stand or fall by the short- to longer-term balance between risk and reward. An analysis of the fundamental motivation for entering into a given type of transaction permits entrepreneurs and their risk managers to determine whether the transaction is suitable for the firm. Derivatives based on uninformed speculation are the sort of transactions that over the past decade have been the primary sources of losses for investors and intermediaries.

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Being careful and analytically minded implies that one has to do flaoting or her homework prior to commitment. Expert opinion helps, but one should not depend solely on experts. Over time I would fill the gaps. Frank Partnoy, F. This happens for many reasons, two of the most important being that novelty tends to have many unknowns and the fact that, in spite of that, clients always demand greater sophistication and inventiveness of features—which has inherent risks. Combining lending and trading with counterparties leads to risk correlation.

Long-Term Debt

This and similar practices create concentric circles of credit risk and market risk, which will eventually lead to unexpected consequences. Innovation is always welcome, but to keep on beingahead of the curve, we must know the risks musiqu are taking beforehand, not after the fact. Precisely for this reason, it has been a deliberate choice to introduce the reader to the concepts underpinning the control of risk in Chapter 1—even prior to the definition of derivative instruments, which is done in Chapter 2. Risks Puttagle with financial instruments ffloating by no means limited to derivatives.

They can be found all over the debt market junk bonds being an example and in the equities market. In contrast, over the same period the equity price increase of many established industrial companies was mediocre or nil, with declines at Bethlehem Steel, Boeing, Caterpillar, DuPont, Lockheed Martin, and U. Less than two years later, at the end of Marchthe curve of fast-rising equity prices of Internet companies bent: Those who survived had their wings clipped. The need for steady and rigorous watch over exposure is present, without exception, with every single investment.

Their exposure is nonlinear Chapter 2. When reporting to regulators, they have to be marked to model, not to market, because for many of them there is no secondary market. Compared to horse-and-buggy classical bonds and equities, complex derivatives are supersonic engines. This section is not the only case in this book where emphasis is placed on risk management. We further convert the normal volatility to daily basis point DBP Description of a Swap. The fixed interest payer has right to cancel the swap before maturity Interest Rate Swaps ; options and swaps are a very simple way to minimize interest rate risk, Cancelable swap - the interest rate swap in which one party has a right to terminate the.

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