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Options are divided into two groups: Call options give otions holder the right to buy shares at the strike price. Put options give the holder the right to sell shares at the strike price. The strike price is simply the guaranteed price at which the option holder can buy for a call or sell for a put the underlying shares. Learning the option terminology Here are some of the terms used: In the stock world, it corresponds to a buy order. In the stock world, it corresponds to a sell order. In the stock world, it corresponds to a short sell order.

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In the stock world, it corresponds optiobs a buy to cover order. In exchange, you take on an optiosn. If you are assigned, you must sell the underlying shares at the strike price in the case of a call option. Conversely, if you sell a put, you are taking on the obligation to buy the shares. This means that if you trade call options, they do not correspond to shares, but rather to 10, Moreover, fractions are not permitted when entering an option order. An order to trade 1. Keep in mind that options expire When you trade options, you need to realize that they will expire in the foreseeable future.

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Republication or redistribution of Thomson Reuters content, including by framing or no means, is prohibited without the prior opitons consent of Thomson Reuters. BLDP today announced that it will provide fuel opgions modules to power two 2 port terminal yard trucks as part of a project being managed by GTI and partially funded by the Oct 18, We rate over 4, stocks daily and provide 5-page PDF reports for each stock. These ratings can change daily and today's changes are reflected in the email below. If you are looking to check-up on the stocks you currently own or are looking for new ideas, you can find our full database of password-protected ratings reports in our proprietary ratings screener: OBSV Downgrades: Oct 12, Oct 11, 1: BLDP today announced that the Company has successfully closed the previously announced transaction to divest certain non-core assets of its subsidiary,

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