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November 2018 – September 2019

And we nibble at, then gulp our ahd reading material. Then we suffer the guilty indigestion that comes from empty calories, consumed quickly. It goes down as easily and tastily as lemon sorbet, and the only pain in your stomach it creates is the kind that comes from laughing too hard. And did I mention its subject? I would even go so far as to say that it is just about as profound as a seemingly light entertainment can be.

I put this forth with some authority, having watched many a famous performer play a famous somebody else. Some of these interpretations have been masterpieces of mimicry; others have been more truly interpretive, suggesting the existence of a soul behind a frequently caricatured mug. Typically, though, their scripts were compilations of quotations and anecdotes, many of which might be culled from a Wikipedia entry, bent into flimsy narrative arcs. Again and again, ornately sculptured facades fell to reveal troubled childhoods, troubled love lives and loneliness at the top.

As enjoyable as these shows may have been, I rarely left them with new insights into their subjects, much less into the nature of fame. As a result, you should think carefully through the transaction before entering the agreement. Finally, make sure that the fee will go toward your down payment if you exercise the option to buy. While this is typical in my experience, you may find some landlords who seek to treat some or all of the option fee differently. Rent Credit In most lease purchase arrangements, the tenant receives a credit that will go toward the purchase price if they buy the property.

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This money goes to the homeowner, and is generally not refundable. The rent credit is an important part of the deal for tenants for at least two reasons. First, it of course reduces the cost of the home when you exercise the option to buy it. And second, it can help you build up a down payment on the home. The key is to make sure that the deal includes a fair rent credit.

When you look at the terms of the agreement, be sure to optiin at more than just the amount. For instance, we make the rent credit contingent on timely payments. If the rent is late one month, our tenant loses the rent credit for that month. This practice is not uncommon, particularly with land contracts or rent-to-own arrangements. Well, to some extent it is. The contract should spell out exactly how maintenance time and costs are divided.

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You can also divide basic maintenance from capital improvements, such as replacing the roof. Again, not all contracts will specify these issues, buter adding them into yours could optoon a good idea. In effect, this gives you a six-month warranty on the home. Tackling the maintenance on the property on your own after this period may seem onerous. But it will also help you see if the property is one you can handle as a homeowner. Second, they enter into option-to-buy deals where the price is not fixed. Since we began offering our homes on a lease purchase, not a single tenant has even tried to negotiate the purchase price.

This is a big mistake.


The purchase price is always negotiable on a lease purchase deal, just as if you were buying the home outright. Begin with online home value websites to get a rough cellra. Last year, estimable director George Miller cfllar silken scenes out of a sow's sore ears with his highly lauded rendering of playwriter Ken Ludwig's straight-to-regional-theatre and blue-haired favorite, 'The Fox on the Fairway'. Miller's take on this show was like discovering the Fountain of Youth in a sand-trap. Now, in earlydirector Beleno successfully stomps moldy grapes into Chardonnay with Ludwig's earlier, "Moon Over Buffalo", best known as Carol Burnett's return to Broadway in the female lead and for D.

Pennebaker's rich backstage documentary, "Moon Over Broadway".

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