Max drawdown time to recover

In some cases annual fees may also be a draadown to peak-to-valley drawdowns. While losses will occur, investors prefer lower loss magnitudes and low average recovery times that do not rely on riskier bets for improving performance.


Funds that have been in existence for long periods of time may have a number of peak-to-valley drawdowns drawdowb various time periods. This entry was posted in Charles on by Charles Boccadoro. But nothing hits home quite like maximum drawdown and recovery time, whose absolute levels are easily understood. This shows investors the length of time associated with the loss.

Recovery Time

The difference, however, is in the drawdown level itself. It shows the drawsown of time from the portfolio's valley to a new high. When analyzing or creating your own peak-to-valley analysis there are a number of measures associated with peak-to-value drawdowns that can provide greater insight about a fund. Similarly, the attendant risk-adjusted-return measure Martin Ratio, which is excess return divided by Ulcer Index, will show higher levels. It is often more commonly found reported with characteristics of higher risk portfolios, such as hedge funds and managed futures strategies.

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It is a performance and risk-reporting measure that some funds may use. A review of lifetime MAXDD and recoveries Mx the following funds with some dreadful numbers, representing a cautionary tale at dradown It is defined as the percentage decline from the fund's highest value peak to the lowest value trough after the peak. Drawdown Reporting and Calculations A drawdown report can show the peak-to-valley losses of a portfolio for a single month or a cumulative time period consisting of several consecutive months. Recovery can be an important factor followed closely by many investors.

Perhaps more surprising is that aggregate bonds experienced a similar duration, before the long bull run.

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