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Tading been racing that car for over a decade now and instructing driving for almost as long. There are MUCH faster cars and drivers out there than me. But on this particular day I was statoin fast guy. Hutch It actually took me a while to realize that your garage is a 2 car too! While we all build our garages to suit our needs, your layout, planning and finish have provided me with some great ideas on melding form and function - Thanks Jack! I recently got some new screwdrivers, but there are 16 of them all together. I Googled screwdriver racks and didn't find anything I liked. And I didn't like the idea of keeping some on the pegboard and some in a tool drawer -- or eating up all kinds of pegboard space to hang them all with conventional one-at-a-time hooks.

So I took two scrap pieces of 1x2 and cut some grooves with a circular-type miter saw.

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There's nothing earth-shaking pluw, but with some green paint, they ended up looking like they at least belong on the pegboard. But I've got a bigger project in the works for this weekend. Here's a teaser of some second-hand beauties. How long do you think that blue paint is going to stay blue?

A place for everything, and everything in it's place. I'm considering a tile garage floor tradng looking at yours. I bought a nice tile saw for a bathroom project last year and I haven't used it much since. Couldn't wait to see it with the handles back on. Here's the old 'kitchen island' in the middle of the garage.

There was nothing wrong with it, really. It was cabinets with shelves. It also had room for cans in the doors: I had to mess with it. I sourced a pair of these used Stanley Vidmar cabinets in glaring blue: The table needs to be at 37" to match the other work surfaces in the garage. But this also meant an opportunity.

I could use it for long pieces of wood statlon steel stock -- which I'm currently trwding up above the garage door. This picture shows the 2x4 and 1x2 I sandwiched to create the gap: I don't have a picture of it in the open position, but if you look at the black masking tape in this picture you can see how it swings out. I painted it while it was out in the open position. You can see the two side supports and one small center support in this picture: You'd never know it's there unless you got down on the floor and looked up. Here are two views of the cabinet and top after the second coat of paint was on.

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It's not a new-car finish by a long shot, but hey -- it's a garage. I had thought it would be possible to attach one of those old swing-out cabinet doors from the old island to one side of the new cabinets, but I tried it and didn't like the way it looked. I've got some ideas, though. For some bizarre reason, there's a small segment of the American population that has developed this bizarre theory, and that completely ignores years of motoring history and the role convertibles, sports cars, and convertible sports cars have played in it. Ignorance is a terrible and pathetic thing. In the late 40s and 50s, it was convertible sports cars that led the import invasion, being brought back in droves from Europe by US servicemen.

In the 60s and 70s, European sports cars were at the top of the heap as the most desirable cars, and most admired cars. Even inthe Miata was hailed universally as the reincarnation of the affordable European sports car, and is credited with re-introducing the affordable sports car market. Through the s, it was always hailed as a great handling, reasonably quick, good looking, reliable sports car. It's only in the past few years that some morons have come up with this "Miatas are gay cars" or "chick cars" or "convertibles are gay cars", ignoring all facts in order to delude themselves.

If they dared look at any stats, they'd see that a higher percentage of Mustangs are driven by women than are Miatas; and the "macho" SUV is really the new soccer-mom-mobile, replacing the minivan of the 80s. If they knew anything about sports cars, they'd realize how ridiculous and foolish all that nonsense is. As I said, it's pretty pathetic - especially from a Porsche driver, who you would hope would understand a bit more about sports cars and automotive history than that. I guess it's safe to say that the particular Porsche owner in question is a poser who cares nothing about cars, and certainly knows nothing about cars, if that's the sort of nonsense he spouts.

Dantilla 12th December I have a autocrosser, a race car, and a Miata street car. Most of the Porsche guys are car guys, and have a bunch of respect for quite a few cars. Pelican has discussions about Lotus, Ferrari, Miatas, muscle cars, Lambos, yada yada. There are a few, however, that think if a car doesn't have the Porsche crest on the hood, it is unworthy of any respect. They are closed-minded idiots.

Ignore them. I have shown up Gloval Porsche club events with the Miata, and have always been welcomed with open arms. If you spent time over on Pelican, you would find that in general, the Miata is very well respected. I've never recieved a gay comment when driving the Miata, or anything close to disparaging. Only positive comments. The Miata is a great car. Even Porsche owners think so. So far no hairdressers or gay men have taken notice though. He called thinking the guy wanted to buy the carand the hairdresser asked if he wanted to go on a date.

Maybe my friend is just good looking?

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Perhaps gay men find me fugly. I'm ok with that. Fletcher 12th December It screams "gay" to me Global trading station plus forums pelicanparts more than a cute little guytless convertible: D Fletch 12th December Also drove many Porsche race cars at the Weissach test track helps to have friends there. For me the Miata, especially the early ones, are more like the original Porschesearly than any of the new ones. Sports cars, not luxury barge GT cars. I really don't care what people think the car I drive. For me only 2 things count: Is it fast As people posted videos in this thread, here's mine: Zoom Zoom Road http: One of my neighbours was afraid to keep up with me up that private road when I was driving the Miata and he his Carrera GT.

The Porsches higher power does not come that much into play as the short stretches where you could out-accelerate the Miata are too short to have an effect. In my humble opinion it is by far the most important sports car to come alone in a very long time and has paved to way for others like the Boxster. And hey, did any of you see the Pelican thread where Porsche guys talk about Miatas? TeeKay 12th December The only similarity about the 2 cars is in the twisties. They both terrorize any car that stands in their way in the curves. I am not putting the Miata down, I am sure soimeone who really knew how, could jump into my stock 90 and make believers out of some of the porsche owners.

I said this in last month's thread on this topic, too. The other two belong to a race team engineer for last year's ALMS championship team and the wife of a local Spec Miata racer. I wonder how much my '91 Miata is worth then? Actually, Miatas were introduced in June as a year model. MatthewakaMatt 12th December Well, as an owner of a Miata that was built and sold inI am relatively certain that there were Miatas before ; However, I agree that it would be hard to back up claims that the Miata paved the way for the Boxster because the Miata wasn't on the market for all that long when the first Boxster concepts started circulating.

Plus my wife drives a loud, obnoxious 85 Camaro Z28 with a brand new in it all her work. I cook, she changes my oil.

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The Dex also lists Dex completion stats, evolution forms, and features an in-depth sorting system. Up to 25 additional PC boxes may be bought in the Shop. Shop - The main section of the Pelicanpartd allows pslicanparts to buy evolution items, account upgrades, equipment for the Vs. Seeker, and other miscellaneous items. The Shop's stock changes every 12 hours at 6: The Back Room, which may be unlocked after obtaining a Secret Key, sells discounted items that have been sold back to the Shop by other members. The Prize Shop features rare stock which can only be purchased with Prize Points, a special currency which is exclusive to events and the most expensive Vs.

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