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May be tradijg up to 6 credits. We will consider the role of ilm in our understandings of dveeloper, gender and sexuality. Through discussions and writing we will work to discern relevant social, political, ideological, and aesthetic concepts in the media we examine. Crosslisted with: From soup to nuts, students will learn how to manage and execute a major film festival, including film solicitation and submissions, festival event marketing, celebrity appearances, industry workshops, filmmaker coordination and brand management. Students will gain an appreciation of the value of a film festival to the community and for visiting filmmakers.

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Students will apply this knowledge in their written assignments, film evaluations, and departmental responsibilities. Frading student will help program a festival category and co-manage one of the critical elements of the festival. Producing 3 Credits Examines the role of the Producer, essential to every film production. The course will revolve around the best practices in organizational design, the production process, the budgeting process, financial controls, scheduling, insurance and distribution. Studies in Drama 3 Credits Students will draw on a group of related American and European dramatic works to examine various areas of 20th century culture.

Topics will vary.

Developing the Animated Project 3 Credits This course will cover fundamental theories and elements of the production and development processes for animated devrloper. Concept, story, and story and character development will be addressed as well as storyboarding, layout, sound, voice recording and basic editing. Students will develop at least one animated project, and construct an animatic to be used for future production. Techniques and craft of breathing life into characters through movement, including dynamic poses, blocking action, run and walk cycles, lip synching and realism.

Prerequisite s: Visual Effects I 3 Credits Fundamentals and principles of live action footage and computer generated imagery integration, including 3D animation, matchmoving, green screen setup, keying and compositing.

Acting for Animation hrading Credits This course explores performance techniques relevant to animators including 2D and 3D animation develpper motion capture. Students learn to create dynamic, dramatic performances and believable character interactions. Students learn to analyze scripts, sound, acting, action and performance for production. Topics include: May be repeated up to 3 credits. Intermediate 2-D Animation 3 Credits Learn the more refined aspects of motion for character animation by focusing on Disney's 12 Principles of Animation, practicing these advanced drawing techniques in exercises and incorporating them into a brief final short.

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Previsualization 3 Credits Implements 3D animation tools in preproduction shot and sequence design for motion picture and broadcast industries; including 3D storyboarding, technical slftware and editing basics. LC Campus Only. Motion Graphics 3 Credits Students will learn the basics of Motion Graphics by working through a variety of exercises and a final project that will combine animation, text, visual effects, and sound using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Character Design develooper Development 3 Credits Digital character design for the entertainment industry. Provides insight into the process of creating iconic characters.

Traditional and contemporary character designers are explored. Industry workflow is introduced and necessary skills are developed to design detailed 3D characters from concept through production. Game Design Workshop 3 Credits In this course we will learn to design, develop, and playtest games. This approach will be exercise driven and involve nontechnical approaches as well as digital production techniques. This playcentric approach will involve player participation from conception through production. We will explore the iterative processes of prototyping, playtesting, and revising based based on feedback. Consent of Instructor required. Directing I 3 Credits Study and application through short scene work of the basic tools of a director and relationships with actors, designers, playwright, and stage managers.

Interpreting as well as organizing. Directing II 3 Credits Addresses pre-production concerns including script breakdown, casting ground plans and coverage.

The criteria employed when selecting the developerr team including a director of photography, art director, light, sound tradinng wardrobe designers. Introduction to budgeting, scheduling, and script breakdowns. Practicum Credits Practical nmdu of the student's field of study in a project environment. May be repeated up sofgware 9 credits. Special Topics 3 Credits This course addresses specific subjects and issues as identified by the department. Topics and credits to tradng announced in the Foerx of classes. May be repeated up to 12 softwre. Motion Capture Techniques 3 Credits Implement industry standard motion capture techniques to capture and integrate performance for movie making, 3D animation and game production.

Cinematography III 3 Credits This class softwwre geared towards those who want to learn more about cinematography, color grading, and digital technology as it pertains to cinematography. Tradihg class will be a mix of production and post-production as learning how to shoot these higher end codecs do not end with the camera. Focus will traing on techniques of shooting raw, understanding how to operate a camera capable of high end image acquisition, properly building up the camera rig and accessories, managing data and the post-production workflow. Though these on-set tasks are performed by below-the-line crew members, having the knowledge of and ability to use this equipment will serve you greatly as a DP.

We will go over a wide variety of devices in this class, ranging from car mounts and our GlideCam to our large jib, 3-axis gimbal, amp generator, and 6K HMI lights. We will also do some advanced lighting scenarios. Short Film Production 3 Credits Students work in teams with rotating crews to write, produce, direct and edit individual and group projects-ultimately demonstrating growing confidence with production equipment and professional practices. May be taken up to 6 credits. Consent of instructor required. This course focuses on advanced post-production techniques, including editing and sound design, as student directors, editors and producers continue to learn to work together.

Texas at Austin ; J. McGuckin, Ph. Wisconsin-Madison ; A. Popp, Ph. Smith, Ph. Willman, Ph. Statistics for Business and the Behavioral Sciences 3 Credits Techniques for describing and analyzing data; estimation, hypothesis testing, regression and correlation; basic concepts of statistical inference. A ST Statistical Applications 3 Credits Techniques for describing and analyzing economic and biological data; estimation, hypothesis testing, regression and correlation; basic concepts of statistical inference.

Maximum of 4 credits per semester and a grand total of 9 credits. Statistical Methods and Data Analysis 3 Credits Methods for sampling and estimation; analysis of variance and elementary experimental designs; linear regression and correlation; multiple regression, variable selection methods and residual analysis; introduction to statistical packages. Prerequisite s: Independent Study Credits Individual studies directed by consenting faculty with prior approval of the department head. Maximum of 3 credits per semester and a grand total of 3 credits. Provides a fundamental understanding of the structure of SAS, its data management capabilities, and how to invoke a variety of descriptive and simple statistical SAS procedures.

Corequisite s: Sampling, frequency distributions z, t, x2, Festimation, and testing. One-way analysis of variance.

Simple linear regression. Advanced Regression 3 Credits Examination of multiple regression; residual analysis, collinearity, variable selection, weighted least squares, polynomial models, and nonlinear regression: Analysis of Advanced Designs and Related Topics 3 Credits Complete and incomplete block designs; fixed, mixed, and random models; unbalanced data; analysis of covariance; nested experiments; fractional factorials. Statistical Analysis with R 3 Credits Introduction to R data types, basic calculations and programming, data input and manipulation, one and two sample tests, ANOVA, regression, diagnostics, graphics, probability distributions, and basic simulations in the R software environment.

Properties of estimators under all designs are discussed. Biological Sampling s 3 Credits Methods of sampling biological populations: May be repeated up to 3 credits. Time Series Analysis and Applications 3 Credits A systematic exposition of the methods for analyzing, modeling, and forecasting time series.

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Maximum of 4 oFrex per semester. No more than 9 credits toward a degree. Introduction to Statistical Consulting 1 Credit Consideration of published material in the consulting process. Restricted to majors. Practicum in Statistical Consulting 1 Credit Supervised experience under the guidance of senior faculty. May be repeated for a maximum of 2 credits. Analysis of correlation and covariance structures, including principal components, factor analysis, and canonical correlation. Classification and discrimination techniques.

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Sampling, frequency distributions z, t, x2, Festimation, testing, and simulation. Applied Linear Models I 3 Credits The mean model, including constraints, approach to linear models; nonidentity variance-covariance matrices. Some emphasis on computational aspects and relation to statistical packages. Applied Linear Models II 3 Credits The relation of full to less-than-full rank linear models; complex data structures, including messy data, empty cells, and components of variance:

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