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Its horrific. In addition, since trading happens in Dojos, it makes it all the worse. Of course you can go to the Bazaar but there are frames there, no way to search inventory or find what you want. I would suggest a trading market.

It would revitalize the relays and be cool. A shot at the concept: Put kiosks in the relays that allow people to deposit items for sale and set their prices. Don't put these on orbiters, we want to create a market and not just have people phone it in. The kiosks could either be combined for many products or the user could lease a Kiosk.

Make the kiosks fun, not just dumb terminals, they could have rotating banners about what is for sale there. There could be one for relics, one for Prime weapons, one for prime frame full sets and chatt on. The idea is if you show tradinf at the relay you can go window shopping, browsing or whatever. When items are put in the kiosk they come out of your inventory and you can set prices for them to sell them directly. Also allow the user to set up barter where they can ask for an item that they want in trade. Another kiosk could offer auctions but this would be live bidding where you go there in your frame to bid for lots.

You could Even have one or more NPC auctioneers and the auctions list would be published. An item would have to be of a certain plat value to be auctioned.

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The users go to one of any terminals to bid on the auctions and the items are auctioned off. Auctions should be more like real life auctions than Ebay to make them fun. The kiosk executes the transactions when the conditions are met. Put in a guide at the Bazaar to allow users to find the items they want. If they are looking for relics they get a waypoint to the kiosk. Get rid of the trading channel. Just totally get rid of it.

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