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A winning trade should also not make you emotional. Forget about the last trade and continue on with your trading plan. It will take longer than you think to succeed Most new traders are not mentally prepared for rrader long it can take to start trading consistently well. However, the opposite is what happens when you behave like this; you end up losing money, putting yourself further behind where you were and making trading success seem more and more elusive. The only way most people can stick around long enough in the market to develop the type of habits that lead to consistently profitable trading, is by having real passion for the trading process and everything that goes with it, as I discussed previously in this lesson.

If markets are constantly changing, then you need to adapt to stay in-tune with them; doing the same thing over and over will not yield you consistent profits. This is one reason why price action is such an excellent trading method; it gives you the ability to adapt to changing market conditions. You are not stuck with a rigid set of rules or indicators when you learn to trade with price action, instead you can read the changing market conditions and spot high-probability price patters that form within those conditions. You get all of this and more in my price action trading course and members communityso check it out if you want to learn how to successfully adapt to changing market conditions and get on the path toward consistent trading success.

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March Special Note: Professional traders of currency markets, on Frex other hand, seem to have a broader grasp of intermarket relationships. They will trafer look keenly at economic reports and central bank decisions--not just in the U. Finally, the pros carefully watch interest rate trends--interest rates and yield curve dynamics worldwide--to gain a better sense of how money will flow to attract the best returns. A simple test of Forex traders in the U. If you get blank looks, you know that you're dealing with market participants who are a couple of toys short of a happy meal. But that doesn't mean that all technical analysis applied to currency markets need be simplistic.

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At the same time, Europe gained independence from the dollar by creating the European Monetary System. This lasted until the introduction of the Euro doach Finally, the first on-line trade foach in which marked the beginning of the retail market. Who Trades Forex? Figure 2: The Retail Forex Brokers came on the scene after Investment Management Firms have foreign exposures from their stock and bond portfolios and they transact with the banks. Corporations in their daily, monthly and yearly foreign exchange transactions deal with the banks. The Central Banks are also key players managing their currency exposures and dealing with investment banks.

Hedge funds manage a variety of asset classes, including currencies, and they transact with Banks. Finally, we have eRetail, dealing electronically through trading platforms of retail Forex Brokers. A CFD, or contract for difference, is a product whose price is based on the underlying instrument and is considered an over-the-counter OTC product, which is not traded on any exchange. For most brokers, the lists of offered instruments continues to grow.

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As retail traders, we have the ability to trade all of these instruments on Forex trading platforms. The number of markets quoted will vary from broker to broker. One way to do that, is to look at several markets at once to compare them. In this example we are looking at the major USD pairs to see if there is a particular trend in these pairs. Then we can do the analysis and decide which pairs to trade and when. In addition to scanning the charts for clean price action, it is necessary to review the news releases to be prepared for events which could move the markets. An understanding of the fundamentals is key to relating the price action to the economic backdrop affecting the markets.

Figure 3: The simple trading strategy that I have selected is the strategy for continuation trades and end of trend trades.

Ttrader we are going to look at the pattern as oFrex end of trend, or reversal trading strategy, also called the top and bottom pattern. The top and bottom pattern is a very powerful pattern that signals a trend reversal. It can also be used as a trend continuation, which will be described shortly. First, the reversal pattern. Scenario 1: In an uptrend, the market hits a new high, labelled point 1. Price then pulls back to a short-term support level, labelled point 2.

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Finally, price moves up to an area between points 1 and 2, labelled point 3. It then reverses down again and begins a trend in the new direction. Trade Entry: The pattern is complete when the price trades below point 2. At a top, the strategy is to sell on a break of point 2. The measuring objective is the distance between point 2 and point 3 projected below the break at point 2. The stop loss is set just above point 3 but a more conservative stop loss is above the start of this move, at point 1. This is a choice that the trader must make and only by trading it over and over again will the trader feel comfortable with the choice of a stop loss. Also watch for reversal candlestick patterns at point 3 to trigger the entry.

Figure 4: We just looked at scenario 1 which is the top.

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