Forex slingshot trading techniques

But it does seem to be reliable in callin near highs and lows in the week. Or pivot points in the market. Thank you Ed. You have a pretty cool site for people to help and share there i reeally like it. God Bless You much and often. The first process is to weed out stocks that do not have a high average daily range.

116# Slingshot Scalping

Filtering out stocks that do not have an average daily range of at least 2 points does this. A stock that moves any less than this is not very useful to this indicator since the idea is to be in and out of stocks in one day generally. It is important to decide how much capital you are going to have to trade with. If you are just starting off and do not have the advantage of a large capital base you will want to focus on stock that are lower in price. It is a good idea to be able to buy or sell short at least shares of the stocks you are trading.

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It is not required nor does it have any effect on the trading system. The only thing that is effected by the size of your position is your profit or 9 4 loss. Finding stocks that have a high daily range is more difficult as you go lower in price. The other alternative is to trade options on the stocks that are signaled by the indicator. Creating the Indicator Once you have decided how much capital you intend to invest with and have found a Forex slingshot trading techniques of stocks that you want to trade, you need to program the indicator into your software and test the stocks to make sure they are effective with the indicator. Some stocks do not give good signals.

If a stock is in a trading range it should be a large range with visible ups and downs. Otherwise the indicator will not likely be signaled. The indicator, while it could be calculated by hand, is best used when programmed into your trading software. The formula for calculating the indicator is as follows: For my system I use the day, 7-day, 5-day, and 3 day momentum. Next calculate the momentum of the lows for the corresponding days: Calculate for 7 day, 5 day, and 3 day. After you have calculated these indicators you want to be able to see them. You insert these indicators as a standard feature of your charts.

Most programs will allow you to do this. I like AIQ for its value and ease of use, as well as its 10 5 advanced functions. The way to view the indicator is by making the Momentum indicators into histograms for each period and fixing the LowMom indicator on top of it as a line See chart. The combined indicators should be used with a support line of 0. You need to create a separate indicator for each time period. I label mine as Slingshot3, Slingshot5, and Slingshot7. You can label them however you wish. As you can see from your first look at the indicator, it gives clearly visible buy and sell signals. Buys occur when the histogram drops below the signal line.

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Sells occur when the slinsghot 11 6 spikes above the signal line. Upon looking at this indicator chart for Nextlink Communications traing can see that we had quite a few trading signals skingshot the three-month period covered. In fact there were over 10 for just this one security with an impressive profit record. The most reliable and timely signals occur at points high above and below the support line. You will have the opportunity to view the indicator tading a price wlingshot soon. First let us discuss how to enter a trade. Decide upon how much capital you are going to trade with. Tradng the Slingshot Indicators into your software program or spreadsheet.

Run a scan on texhniques stocks to identify trading signals. When the histogram spikes above or drops below the LowMom line it triggers Forex slingshot trading techniques signals. Ttrading Points: For long positions, trades alingshot entered only techniqyes the Slingshot indicator drops below the LowMom indicator. There are several options for entering a trade and it will depend tradding your risk tecgniques to tdading which is best for you. Short position trades are entered only after the Slingshot indicator spikes above the LowMom signal line. Forxe I make reference to a stock s moving average I am referring to slngshot significant moving Forex slingshot trading techniques. This may be the day, day, 9-day or whichever it tends to follow and use as support.

I usually use the 9-day and day exponential moving averages for short-term support and the week and week for weekly charts. This is very risky for obvious reasons. The market could turn worse over night, there could be news that effects the stock causing it to gap down further, or any number of unfavorable things could happen. This does not happen most of the time. The idea is that you are entering the trade after a major down run and most of the selling pressure has run its course. You are entering this trade to capitalize on the profit taking of short sellers. The thing to remember is that you want to enter this trade at extreme points.

Bollinger Bands and Envelope Channels also work well. You want to look for entry points when the stock is trading at or below these support levels. When stock prices fall outside of these levels it indicates oversold levels. The stock will often come back into the trading bands soon after falling below. The slingshot indicator often signals the exact turning point and a safe entry point for long positions. Stocks that are trading near a significant moving average such as the 9 or 13 day moving averages also will often show great entry points. When entering a trade before the close your goal is to get an early bounce the next day from profit takers in short positions and from position traders increasing their position size at lower prices.

If you are a short-term trader this style is highly consistent for points. This is the riskiest method and is not suitable for all people. Using risk capital to purchase options on the underlying stocks can reduce the risk factor some. The examples will show you just how accurate this system is. Short positions using this overnight method should be entered when stocks close above their upper trading bands and signal a Slingshot sell signal. These trades are quick and you need to be alert to make sure you get out before the continuation of the trend. It is often a good idea to wait until the second or third day of a stock closing outside the upper band.

What you are looking for is a sign of weakness or profit taking. Many times a stock will close above the upper band then gap up the next day only to close lower for the day. This would be the best time to enter this trade. Most of the time a strongly trending stock will come back to its moving average 13 8 after rising above the upper band. The other time to enter a short position is when a down trending stock rises up to its moving average and Slingshot sell signal is given. For day traders, long positions should be taken on upward trending stocks following a sell signal in the Slingshot indicator.

This method is less risky due to the fact that you are not holding positions over night.

You will be looking to get in on the continuation of the trend after profit tradong early in the day. The trend may not wlingshot until later in the day or during the following day. It is hrading to wait for buyers to slingshkt back in. If the overall market or sector is strong these trades will often continue rather quickly and can result in great gains. Long positions should be avoided when the stock is above its upper trading band. These stocks are often over bought and will pull back to their moving averages before continuing the trend. You will be disappointed by the missed gains when a few stocks will rocket even further out of their trading bands but it is impossible to guess which of these will keep rising.

You will find that most will retreat once out of the trading bands. For the ones that got away keep in mind you will still have an opportunity to trade them on the short side when they do finally fall. Trades can also be entered late in the day based on a buy signal on the Slingshot indicator.

You will want to look for stocks that spingshot down heavy on the day and are subject to profit taking before the close. This method is more difficult and should techniquees used in conjunction with intra-day charts and trend following indicators on those charts. Stocks that work best with this method often bottom out on the day after 2: Short trades are entered in the exact opposite manner. You want to enter short positions after a buy signal occurs and the expected profit taking takes place. You are selling into the relief rally with the idea that the stock will go lower.

When the stock is outside of its lower band the probability of this trade being profitable goes down.

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The best intra-day shorting trades are when a recently upward trending stock has a major drop that puts it below its moving averages but above of the lower trading band. If there is a Slingshot buy signal, there will usually be a quick sliingshot the next morning while FForex takers, dead cat bounce players and bargain hunters jump 14 9 in. Use intra-day charts to look for weakness and time your entry. Once the downtrend resumes it usually will do so for the remainder of the session. As a final note on this method, both the long and short methods of day trading with this indicator are designed for very short-term day trading.

Day trading is a risky business and requires substantial capital and discipline. I recommend using tight stops to protect your capital. Attempts have been made to program the indicator into our system and use it as a day trading indicator with varied results. Based upon the same entry and exit rules the strategy proves ineffective.

It does not call the exact turning points as it often does with daily data. However, used as a general technuques timing tool it can be useful. It gives several signals in trending stocks before the change in trend will take place so it requires close attention and confirmation from another indicator. For the longer term trader sliingshot Slingshot method works well on weekly charts. When signaled near support the indicator is highly accurate at delivering good buy techiques for one to five weeks. The best buy signals are given when the nine-week or thirteen-week moving averages are trending upward and the stock price is near these levels.

Buy signals are also signaled in the same manner as the short-term trading strategies. Doing so obviously will tell you if you need to break major R or S levels, but more importantly it will give you your highest probable exit strategy before entering. As a side note, you wait for the first candle at the beginning of the cross to close and use the open of the second candle as a confirmation candle to be more on the conservative side. I'm always trying to learn and improve my strategies. All comments, critics, improvements or additional suggestions to this strategy are welcome. Thanks to everyone here for all the helpful information and resources. Happy Trading, Gianni Piponacci Attached Images click to enlarge Brinks truck on standby, ready to kick it in reverse!

Oct 15, 2: So here the trend is UP, so we place our pending buy order Now you see what happens a few hours later Our order gets filled and we ride with the profits. You can do it as well.

The last part of this method is the setting up of your stoploss and takeprofit levels. Both of these levels has been left as they are very discretionary. You can use any kind of money management method with the system which you deem good to make the system become a winner. As far as the method is concerned, the system should be working fine as it is and you should be able to get out with good profits most of the times. And during bad moves, you will be getting out breakeven as well if you move your stoploss to breakeven each time the trade are in profit for a few dozen of pips.

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