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Only the largest shareholders — typically other corporations — do. This means that executives have enormous power; they are de facto barons in a merely nominal republic.

Now, according to traditional neo-classical economics, managers would be competing for executive positions, so that there would be a meritocracy. However, the meritocracy seems to reward not those most efficient, most reliable, most ethical, but those who are best at exploiting power to their own ends. Anyone Daytrader 80111 worked for a large corporation probably has plenty of anecdotes about this. Thus, we have corporate fiascos such as the Enron accounting fraud scandal ofand the current Wall Street crisis triggered by structured investment Daytrader 80111 hiding risky mortgages, and other financial misdealings.

Yes, M. And this polarization has been steeply increasing for the past thirty years. Far worse, this extreme polarization of wealth tends to corrupt political systems. Because of the U. In many cases big business can just dictate large chunks of what will become the law. The institution of the corporation has thus been perverted from its original intent by technology, by polarization of wealth and power, and by corruption of legal and political systems. Instead, it has become just yet another means of the very wealthy becoming even wealthier and more powerful, at the expense of everyone else. The world's largest corporations control wealth greater than the entire gross national product of many nation-states.

I assume it is the gross sales of the corporations and the GNP of the nations, but it isn't specified: Shockingly, many of these have occurred at the behest of private corporations. Just a few examples: The U. Many of the more secular dissidents, e. Marxists, had been killed during the Cold War, leaving a power vacuum filled by the Iranian Shiites.

He was removed in a U. Allende was replaced by the infamous Gen. Augusto Pinochet, one of the worst human rights abusers of the 20th century. International Telephone and Telegraph, incidentally, had done business with the Nazis, and even won millions of dollars in compensation for the loss of a German plant due to Allied bombing in WWII. More recent similar cases include fruit companies in s Nicaragua, oil field conflicts triggering the first Bush administration's invasion of Iraq against the U. Information about these isn't yet fully public, though. Overt violence isn't always necessary, though.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are frequently criticized for lending vast amounts of money to non-representative governments in developing countries. The money is frequently used to benefit only the ruling class, rather than used for sustainable economic development. Then, when the country of course has difficulty repaying the debt, these institutions can impose conditions of "free trade" or a "free market," which in fact are just prohibiting national economic autonomy, such as the right to impose tariffs or exert control over national resources. Instead, these "free market" conditions are only a means of forcing the country to allow exploitation by U.

The country's rulers benefit along with multi-national corporations, and the rest of the people are forced to pay the bill. One example: More surprisingly, much of this history has also been censored out of U. Many U. Well-paying manufacturing jobs in the U. Who's benefitting here? It's not one nation-state against another, or a nation-state in a win-win collaboration with another nation-state. It's one small group of corporate decision-makers and their key shareholders. That language of the vague "we" is deeply misleading, and deeply anti-individual.

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It serves to blur responsibility, blame, and credit. Receiving punishment despite what one does is the classic way of inducing "learned Daytracer from lab mice on up. Of course, Daytradder can decide to help fix a problem that we are not to blame for. But our Daytradeer on that responsibility does not mean that any people who are to blame should be permitted to repeat the problem. That language also serves to Daytraderr people into feeling a team-loyalty to Datrader side in a conflict that they might not agree with 801111 support. If an opposing government practices torture, Dwytrader it is revealed that a Dautrader.

The "team-loyalty" approach obscures this possibility, though. That language promotes a psychological phenomenon known as "groupthink," in which dissidents Daytrader 80111 ostracized, and legitimate doubts regarding the prevailing policies are suppressed. One useful link with a video: And that language defines a sort of geography of "teams," e. It may be that to understand a conflict, we need to recognize divisions along e. I've discovered to my surprise that sometimes among a group of people who are mostly omnivores, socialist atheist vegetarian animal-lovers and Republican Christian vegetarian animal-lovers instinctively form strong alliances!

Now, there's a division — vegetarian versus omnivore — that I would have thought would be minor, but it may not be! Lousy but instructive old joke: The Lone Ranger and Tonto are riding off into the desert sunset after saving a little town from evil bank robbers with menacing moustaches. Suddenly from behind rocks appear rifles, and they are surrounded by implacable Apache warriors. Note that this article was written inand ironically, the example of Greece in the EU has turned out to be far worse than the authors anticipated, partly due to the profiteering involvement of notorious American corporation Goldman Sachs. The underlying problem: Corporations and investors get special treatment, and can exploit developing countries.

Individual humans don't get special treatment; they get exploited. Then, when they flee to a country where there are jobs for them, their lack of official residency makes them more attractive as workers for unscrupulous employers, since they can't fight back against exploitative wages or treatment. Notice that here "law and order" doesn't mean much, since the corporations write the laws so as to allow their most profitable practices. Most undocumented immigrants the U. But not all.

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So if someone is enraged at Hispanics living illegally in the U. Legally, if someone is living and working in the U. That person is not violating criminal law, and is thus not Daytrader 80111 criminal just by being and working here without legal permission. If someone is outraged at undocumented workers' violation of "law and order," but not equally outraged at equivalent violations — say, by a neighbor who didn't bother to check out zoning codes before making minor changes to the back of his house — then the problem for this person does not seem to be violations of law per se. Driving past the speed limit is regarded by the law as more serious.

Notice that the "law and order" sound-bites are not really about law as such, but only about one part of it, the punitive part. Yet law also serves, equally importantly, an "enabling function," allowing people e. But the emotional, punitive coloring of these anti-immigrant talking points seem to reflect more a scapegoating attitude than a genuine interest in law and civil order. If someone is offended at hearing other languages than English spoken in this country, to the point of considering those other languages "un-American" and wanting an "English-only" country, not only for recent immigrants but also for the pre-U.

The original Colorado Constitution had three official languages: English, Spanish and German. The town was established inand the church was built in the next few decades. A more unambiguously racist response is the claim that Hispanics will become the new ethnic majority in the U. This is often connected to the claim of a deliberate "reconquista," with Hispanics of partly or wholly indigenous American descent purportedly aiming to "reconquer" the territory that historically belongs to them. One apoplectic writer at http: The purported "reconquista" can trigger quite a bit of such frantically defensive double-speak, apparently aiming to spead fear among people of northern European ancestry.

And they remind me very strongly of the anti-civil-rights arguments I heard as a child in rural Texas from people defending 19th century slave-owners. Try out this selection from a periodical as supposedly objective as the Daytrader 80111 Science Monitor: But does Rodgers think we non-indigenous Americans should feel bad about the stolen continent, should we try to redress this injustice, and actually solve that problem? No, and he gives the flimsiest excuses. Historically, this concept [of historical entitlement to the territory] is wide of the mark. Most Hispanic ancestors of immigrants owned no land.

Their forebears were serfs of the Roman Catholic Church, once the largest landholder in Latin America and the world. Other ancestors labored as landless peons for Spanish colonial landlords who were later relieved of their lands by 19th-century Anglo-Americans. Of course, Rodgers is deliberately ignoring the real territorial claim — that the land was occupied in pre-Columbian years by people who didn't use European-style land titles or European-style serfs. And of course, the fact that Spanish conquistadors had exploited Native Americans and Native Mexicans before the Anglo-Americans did is irrelevant to the argument. But Rodgers's main goal doesn't seem to be persuading by giving reasons.

It's to use the sense of injustice at a stolen continent not to motivate some kind of redress, but to inspire fear of revenge, and then to give just enough veneer of justification to assuage the guilt a little, enough to lash out at the perceived threats, enough to blame the victim. Is Rodgers some kind of fringe crackpot, to be using these disgraceful tactics? No, he's a retired senior correspondent for CNN. Yes, sadly, CNN, despite its reputation, is one of the most biased and corporate-censored networks. Rage at illegal immigration: The salient point of all these positions is not any content, but the puzzling rage with which they're expressed.

In fact, it seems that the content is secondary to the rage.

In many cases, it doesn't seem to be the content causing the rage, but the rage generating the content as after-the-fact justifications. If this is true, then it's a plain old case of scapegoating — a society in transition, with some people being exploited, whose anger and confusion get Daytrader 80111 to some even more vulnerable group who will be blamed for all the problems, no matter Daytraded unfairly, Daytrwder even though it may be that group that is the main victim of the problems. In fact, the dehumanization and fear that this rage causes can actually help solidify groupthink, since it defines a "them" group Daytraader which the angry "us" group can define themselves.

But Daytraeer is instigating Daytrqder, and who benefits from it? It seems to be relatively few media personalities in corporate-owned media who are pushing this kind of racism. But what would their motivation be? Aren't 81011 corporations benefiting from illegal immigration? Yes, Daytrdaer they are benefiting from these immigrants remaining undocumented, and thus vulnerable to extortive wages and treatment. Keeping Daytraddr public anger at Hispanic immigrants is one Daytracer in preventing amnesty Daytraddr that could give immigrants Daytfader power. Further, the solutions that these demagogues suggest are not real 8011 aimed at stopping or reforming immigration by, e.

The suggested solutions instead are token, ineffectual suggestions that would simply increase scapegoating of Hispanics without halting the flow of immigrants, e. Constitution and to intimidate all Hispanics. Meanwhile, corporations profiting from Mexican factories can continue profiting, while the public is distracted by hatred of the very people being most exploited. Take a look at this local political flier from circaplaying on this scapegoating: I've expanded this side so that you can read the misspelling in "themselves and there [sic] families. Here's the other side, "our" side: Another criticism of illegal immigration sometimes given is that the U.

But in most societies with competent policies, additional people will not only be taking up jobs, health care, and school chairs, but will — partly by taking up jobs — be providing health care and education. And by earning a wage and paying rent and buying food, etc. Notice that things work out better for everyone if everyone has a fair living wage, so that they can afford to be consumers, and thereby comprise markets for the others. Short mythbusting fact sheet on how immigration impacts the U. But this is an international and species-wide problem, not a national or ethnic one. And to solve it, our own citizens too, Anglo-Saxons as well as others, will need to have fewer children.

Sometimes official immigrants and naturalized citizens who had difficulty getting U. This is understandable, though if it's a desperate situation that the undocumented immigrants are fleeing — as is often the case -- it would seem resentful and envious to begrudge them an easier time than one had oneself. There are of course real and very urgent criminal law-enforcement concerns, such as having such a large coyote-mediated traffic flow that actual criminals, e. Further, because different governments are involved, violent criminals may not always be extradited for trial to the country seeking them. And when the victims are other undocumented immigrants, as they often are, the victims or their survivors may be too frightened of deportation or anti-immigrant anger to report the crimes, so that the criminals remain free.

Large corporations within the U. For example, inone of the Swift based in Greely, CO, by the way meat packing plants, in Texas, was raided by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, with about 1, undocumented workers being arrested. In this case, legal and p. Possible Solutions to the Problems of Illegal Immigration? But illegal immigration isn't a stand-alone problem.

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It creates these dangers because it reflects an inconsistent U. A home that might have received a dozen offers in the spring may only receive a few this time of year. Average time on the market tends to increase, and that is normal. Luxury real estate typically starts to see some price reductions and longer times on market. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is important that you understand what is happening in the Denver real estate market and how to benefit based on market information and knowledge. Is this the bubble?

As a buyer you want that to be the case, but the housing inventory in the Denver metro area is actually just a bit lower this year than it was at the same time last year. According to the Denver MLStotal active listings was 8, in August and 7, in August of this year, or an almost 5 percent drop seven Denver are counties. Companies are still hiring and moving good paying professional jobs here and all indications are that trend will continue for a while. There are always social and economic factors that can change, but worrying too much about the maybes could cost you more in the long run.

If you wait for a drop of 10 percent in Denver but it comes after prices rise another 15 percent or more you are in worse shape financially. Buy based on your life needs for the long term, not to try to turn a quick profit. Are you a day trader? Although a home is not exactly an investment, it does share investment-like qualities. Trying to time the real estate market is about as easy as doing it with the stock market. The best way to benefit financially is to buy for the long-term. Find a home that you can live in and enjoy for as many years as possible, in a good area, with features that are desirable in any market, continue to pay down the mortgage and then, long-term you are most likely to be successful.

Buying to make a profit is a different real estate analysis than purchasing a place to live and trying to build long-term value. The most difficult part of this real estate market is the tendency for people to rely on their emotions to make decisions. Real estate involves a lot of money and it is emotional for very understandable reasons.

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Between the reports from the media and talk between friends of houses selling 801111 a couple of days, the perception is that everything sells that quickly. That is not reality, as it is dependent on price, area, condition, listing price of the home and, yes, the time of the year. Sometimes there is something wrong, but a close look at the data shows that conditions are similar to last year at this time and any slowdown is seasonal and likely to be short lived.

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