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Software to make computers accessible for users who are blind or have Compkter vision has been around for many years, and is even built into many of the devices we use today, including smartphones; tablets; and Windows and Mac computers.

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This guide opttions help the novice user. If you are an experienced computer user, but new to vision loss, we also have a " primer " to help you. The Accessibility of Windows Fortunately, my client was using a computer with the Windows 7 operating system that offers a built-in screen magnifier. To her delight, this magnified the screen immediately.

We made some changes to the Magnifier settings to optimize it for her, and she was able to resume reading her email. Windows computers have the same built-in magnifier, which uses the identical keyboard shortcuts: Please note: If you have these versions you will be able to use only the Lens and Docked version of the magnifier. A real world example can be found in Wii Mario Kart, which allows users to race using the Wii Remote or via the Wii classic joypad controller. Many people are disabled by the constraints of standard controls, but offering an alternative way in can make the unplayable playable. Consider the following: Seek to offer at least one alternative method of access.

Technical info for PC game design: Allow compatibility with 'Scan Codes and Virtual Keycodes.

Give consideration to people with slower reactions, as detailed in Cognitive Related Accessibility, Step 4. Sight Related Accessibility Openly describe accessibility features: Supply easy access to a help file that can be read out loud by a PC screen-reader. A brief synopsis of your game; an explanation of what degree of sight is needed to play it; a breakdown of what sight related accessibility features have been included as you best understand; any further essential information that may assist play. Offer broad difficulty level adjustment: Offer ways to adjust the difficulty level of your game.

A visually impaired player may need more time to track and take in what is going on, so offering a way to slow the game down can make things more usable. Likewise, visually impaired fod might reasonably be expected to make more mistakes in some games, so offering a way to increase lives, time, energy, or whatever is most appropriate, will again even things out and make playing a more enjoyable experience. Improve menu access for visually impaired players: Many visually impaired and blind players do not get along with the likes of analogue pointer-based user interfaces, finding them unintuitive. One can, however, download free Windows accessibility software, or purchase an all-in-one PC accessibility solution such as CDesk.

Five Reading Apps

Serotek foe System Access to Goa free, web-resident version of its flagship screen reader. After creating an account, users can make any computer connected to the Internet accessible by simply logging in and pressing Enter. In most programs, users can zoom in and out with a keyboard command or flick of the mouse wheel. HumanWare's ZoomText Magnifierone of the most popular products, magnifies screen contents from 1x to 36x while maintaining image integrity.

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Users can zoom in and out at any time with a turn of the mouse optios. ZoomText provides controls so users can adjust: Color, contrast, and brightness Letter thickness and spacing Size of the Computdr cursor and mouse pointer. Langford went on to earn first a master's degree and then a PhD in rehabilitation counseling, and spent much of his working career in executive and leadership roles with rehabilitation centers, state agencies, and the Texas Commission for the Blind, from which he is currently retired. Langford was approaching 60 when he got his first computer. I was in control of what and when I wanted to read.

I could independently manage my own finances.

Access Issues

Langford enlisted the help of technically savvy friends and other volunteers who could refurbish the donated computers, scavenging parts from some PCs to increase the speed and capabilities of others. These constantly changing text sizes, hues, and intensities can make browsing more difficult than it needs to be for the Web surfer with a visual impairment. If you are using a Windows computer with Internet Explorer as your browser, you can override these changes and create more visually accessible webpages, either on a one-time basis or for all future webpages. Use the Fonts and Colors options to make your desired changes. If you want to make these settings permanent, select Accessibility, where you will be given the chance to do the following: Ignore colors specified on webpages Ignore font styles specified on webpages Ignore font sizes specified on webpages Ignore default caption colors and fonts Most of these options can also be found in the Firefox browser by going to the Tools menu, selecting Options, and then selecting Content.

There is another way to magnify the screen quickly without launching Magnifier itself. Windows Magnifier offers three different ways to enlarge the screen. Full screen: In full screen mode, the contents of the entire screen will be magnified.

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