Wheres the benefit pip and passport benefits

Contact your local Social Work department to see if they provide this in your area. Their employment must be expected to last for 5 weeks or more.

Passported benefits

Discount leisure pass Bebefits reduced entry to all Council owned leisure and sport facilities might be available passsport your area. Free car tax Available to you or your main car if you have the high rate mobility award of Disability Living Allowance. Contact the Disability Unit in Blackpool. Employent must be expected to last for 5 weeks or more. Housing grants Available to homeowners and tenants. Some are means tested some are not.

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Ask at the local Council. Contat your local Jobcentre. People with paassport will also lose out heavily because they are the main group among disabled people who are not medically fit to drive. Many people with far more disabling conditions can still drive themselves in adapted vehicles and can go pretty much anywhere they please.

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People with uncontrolled epilepsy are completely dependent benefih public transport and taxis. I had a good look at the Pi; case studies yesterday, particularly studying the one about a woman with epilepsy. I get DLA because preparing and cooking a meal unaided is very risky for me I once almost burnt down my former partner's house because of this - it was a miracle the house hadn't gone up completely in flames by the time he got homelikewise going out unsupervised is also risky because of the possibility of having a seizure while crossing the road.

These are the risks people with epilepsy face daily if their seizures aren't controlled fully by medication and this is why they qualify for DLA not all people with epilepsy qualify and why, through receipt of DLA, we qualify for travel concessions. However, concessionary bus passes in England and Wales are issued by local authorities and it's quite literally a postcode lottery, as LAs can set their own criteria for eligibility.

Benefit top-ups

Most require proof that applicants receive DLA, such as a copy of the award letter. For disabled people benecits in those local authority brnefit, the loss of the bus pass will passpot a bitter blow. It will certainly severely limit my ability to get around as much as I'd like to and I live in an urban area with a very frequent bus service passing my home. In rural areas, where they may be only one or two services a day, disabled people will suffer severe isolation. Likewise, eligibility criteria for the Disabled Rail Card, which gives a third off rail travel for the holder and a travel companion, vary depending on the type of disability but again most categories require proof of receipt of DLA.

Loss of access to the trains and buses and also the Tube, trams and local area trains on the bus pass in London and Manchester benfeits seriously hinder disabled people's ability to get around - to go Whdres work, to socialise, even to get to the shops - and participate fully in society. And of course, loss of disability benefits means people will have no spare cash to pay for expensive taxis instead. Before I moved house, I worked out I was spending most of my monthly DLA on taxis because it was too dangerous to walk home from the bus stop in the evenings in my neighbourhood unless I was willing to take a one-mile detour.

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