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All withdrawal options necessitate a fee which varies from 0. Deposit Bonus and Halaman 30 Programmes All clients of Brita who have successfully fulfilled the complete verification process will be bestowed with a bonus. Their acceptability stems from their legal status within the domestic country or global economic importance as in case of US robiforex, for instance. A Synthesis of Alternative Views 2. Analogical Reasoning Qiyas for Riba Prohibition The prohibition of riba is based on the tradition that the holy prophet peace be upon him said, "Sell gold for gold, silver for silver, wheat for wheat, barley for barley, date for date, salt for salt, in same quantities on the spot; and when the commodities are different, sell as it suits you, but on the spot.

It also applies, by analogy qiyas to all species which are governed by the same efficient cause illa or which belong to any one of the genera of the six objects cited in the tradition. However, there is no general agreement among the various schools of Fiqh and even scholars belonging to the same school on the definition and identification of efficient cause illa of riba.

For the Hanafis, efficient cause illa of riba has two dimensions: If in a given exchange, both the elements of efficient cause illa are present, that is, the exchanged countervalues belong to the same genus Berita roboforex and are all Berita roboforex or all measurable, then no gain is permissible the exchange rate must be equal to unity and the exchange must be on a spot basis. In case of gold and silver, the two elements of efficient cause illa are: This is also the Hanbali view according to one version3. A different version is similar to the Shafii and Maliki view, as discussed below.

Thus, when gold is exchanged for gold, or silver is exchanged for silver, only spot transactions without any gain are permissible. It is also possible that in a given exchange, one of the two elements of efficient cause illa is present and the other is absent. For example, if the exchanged articles are all weighable or measurable but belong to different genus jins or, if the exchanged articles belong to same genus jins but neither is weighable nor measurable, then exchange with gain at a rate different from unity is permissible, but the exchange must be on a spot basis. Thus, when gold is exchanged for silver, the rate can be different from unity but no deferred settlement is permissible.

If none of the two elements of efficient cause illa of riba are present in a given exchange, then none of the injunctions for riba prohibition apply. Exchange can take place with or without gain and both on a spot or deferred basis. Considering the case of exchange involving paper currencies belonging to different countries, riba prohibition would require a search for efficient cause illa.

Currencies belonging to different countries are clearly distinct entities; these are legal tender within specific geographical boundaries with different intrinsic worth or purchasing power. Hence, a large majority of scholars perhaps rightly assert that Berita roboforex is no unity of genus jins. Additionally, these are neither weighable nor measurable. This leads to a direct conclusion that none of the two elements of efficient cause illa of riba exist in such exchange. Hence, the exchange can take place free from any injunction regarding the rate of exchange and the manner of settlement.

The logic underlying this position is not difficult to comprehend. The intrinsic worth of paper currencies belonging to different countries differ as these have different purchasing power. Additionally, the intrinsic value or worth of paper currencies cannot be identified or assessed unlike gold and silver which can be weighed. Hence, neither the presence of riba al-fadl by excessnor riba al-nasia by deferment can be established. The Shafii school of Fiqh considers the efficient cause illa in case of gold and silver to be their property of being currency thamaniyya or the medium of exchange, unit of account and store of value.

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This is also the Maliki view. According to one version of this view, even if paper or leather is made the medium of exchange and is given the status of currency, then all the rules pertaining to naqdain, or gold and silver apply to them. Thus, according to this version, exchange involving currencies of different countries at a rate different from unity is permissible, but must be settled on a spot basis. Another version of the above two schools of thought halaman 30 that the above cited efficient cause illa of being currency thamaniyya is specific to gold and silver, and cannot be generalized. That is, any other object, if used as a medium of exchange, cannot be included in their category. Hence, according to this version, the Sharia injunctions for halaman 30 prohibition are not applicable to paper currencies.

Currencies belonging to different countries can be exchanged with or without gain and both on a spot or deferred basis. Berita roboforex of the earlier version cite the case of exchange of paper currencies belonging to the same country in defense of their version. The consensus opinion of jurists in this case is that such exchange must be without any gain or at a rate equal to unity and must be settled on a spot basis. What is the rationale underlying the above decision? If one considers the Hanafi and the first version of Hanbali position then, in this case, only one dimension of the efficient cause illa is present, that is, they belong to the same genus jins.

But paper currencies are neither weighable nor measurable. Hence, Hanafi law would apparently permit exchange of different quantities of the same currency on a spot basis. Similarly if the efficient cause of being currency thamaniyya is specific only to gold and silver, then Shafii and Maliki law would also permit the same. Needless to say, this amounts to permitting riba-based borrowing and lending. This shows that, it is the first version of the Shafii and Maliki thought which underlies the consensus decision of prohibition of gain and deferred settlement in case of exchange of currencies belonging to the same country.

According to the proponents, extending this logic to exchange of currencies of different countries would imply that exchange with gain or at a rate different from unity is permissible since there no unity of jinsbut settlement must be on a spot basis. Proponents of the view that any exchange of currencies of different countries is same as bai-sarf argue that in the present age paper currencies have effectively and completely replaced gold and silver as the medium of exchange. Hence, by analogy, exchange involving such currencies should be governed by the same Sharia rules and injunctions as bai-sarf. It is also argued that if deferred settlement by either parties to the contract is permitted, this would open the possibilities of riba-al nasia.

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Opponents of categorization of currency exchange with bai-sarf however point out that the exchange of all forms of currency thaman cannot be termed as bai-sarf. According to this view bai-sarf implies roboforxe of currencies Beeita of gold and silver thaman haqiqi or naqdain alone and not of money pronounced as such by the state authorities thaman istalahi. The present age currencies are examples of the latter kind. These scholars find support in those writings which assert that if the commodities of exchange are not gold or silver, even if one of these is gold or silver then, the exchange cannot be termed as bai-sarf. Nor would the stipulations regarding bai-sarf be applicable to such exchanges.

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According to Imam Sarakhsi4 "when an individual purchases fals or coins made out of inferior metals, such as, copper thaman istalahi for dirhams thaman haqiqi and makes a spot payment of the latter, but the seller does not have fals at that moment, then such exchange is permissible A number of similar references exist which indicate that jurists do not classify an exchange of fals thaman istalahi for another fals thaman istalahi or gold or silver thaman haqiqias bai-sarf. Hence, the exchanges of currencies of two different countries which can only qualify as thaman istalahi can not be categorized as bai-sarf. Nor can the constraint regarding spot settlement be imposed on such transactions.

It should be noted here that the definition of bai-sarf is provided Fiqh literature and there is no mention of the same in the holy traditions. The traditions mention about riba, and the sale and purchase of gold and silver naqdain which may be a major source of riba, is described as bai-sarf by the Islamic jurists. It should also be noted that in Fiqh literature, bai-sarf implies exchange of gold or silver only; whether these are currently being used as medium of exchange or not. Exchange involving dinars and gold ornaments, both quality as bai-sarf. Various jurists have sought to clarify this point and have defined sarf as that exchange in which both the commodities exchanged are in the nature of thaman, not necessarily thaman themselves.

Hence, even when one of the commodities is processed gold say, ornamentssuch exchange is called bai-sarf. Proponents of the view that currency exchange should be treated in a manner similar to bai-sarf also derive support from writings of eminent Islamic jurists. Similar references are available in the writings of Imam Ghazzali5 As far as the views of Imam Sarakhshi is concerned regarding exchange involving fals, according to them, some additional points need to be taken note of. In the early days of Islam, dinars and dirhams made of gold and silver were mostly used as medium of exchange in all major transactions. Only the minor ones were settled with fals.

In other words, rroboforex did not possess the characteristics of robovorex or rogoforex in rlboforex and robofrex hardly used as store of value or robofored of account and was more in the nature of commodity. Hence there was no restriction on purchase of the same for gold and silver on a deferred basis. The present day currencies robofprex all the features of thaman and are meant to be thaman only. The Bedita involving currencies of different countries is eBrita as ronoforex with difference of jins and hence, deferred settlement would lead to riba al-nasia.

Dr Mohamed Nejatullah Siddiqui illustrates this possibility with an example6. He writes "In a given moment in time when the market rate of exchange between dollar and rupee is 1: It appears from the roboforx synthesis of alternative views that the key issue seems to robofirex a correct definition of thamaniyya. For instance, a fundamental question that leads to divergent positions on permissibility relates to whether thamaniyya is specific to gold and silver, Brrita can be associated with anything that performs the functions of money. We raise some issues below which may be taken into account eoboforex any exercise in reconsideration of alternative positions.

It should be appreciated that thamaniyya may not be absolute and may vary in degrees. It is true that paper currencies have completely replaced gold and silver as medium of exchange, unit of robkforex and store of value. In this sense, paper currencies can be said to possess thamaniyya. However, this is true for domestic currencies only and may not be true for foreign currencies. In other words, Indian rupees possess thamaniyya within the geographical boundaries of India only, and do not have any acceptability in US. These cannot be said to possess thamaniyya in US unless a US citizen can use Indian rupees as a medium of exchange, or unit of account, or store of value.

In most cases such a possibility is remote. This possibility is also a function of the exchange rate mechanism in place, such as, convertibility of Indian rupees into US dollars, and whether a fixed or floating exchange rate system is in place. For example, assuming free convertibility of Indian rupees into US dollars and vice versa, and a fixed exchange rate system in which the rupee-dollar exchange rate is not expected to increase or decrease in the foreseeable future, thamaniyya of rupee in US is considerably improved. The example cited by Dr Nejatullah Siddiqui also appears quite robust under the circumstances.

Permission to exchange rupees for dollars on a deferred basis from one end, of course at a rate different from the spot rate official rate which is likely to remain fixed till the date of settlement would be a clear case of interest-based borrowing and lending. However, if the assumption of fixed exchange rate is relaxed and the present system of fluctuating and volatile exchange rates is assumed to be the case, then it can be shown that the case of riba al-nasia breaks down. We rewrite his example: However, if the latter is true, then the return to the seller or the lender is not predetermined.

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