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The SPX closed at 1, Differences Between Mini Index Options and Index Options Even though Mini Index Options are supposed to be a one-tenth scaled down version of regular index options, there are actually significant differences between the two kinds of index options.

Disparity XSP vs SPX

The two main differences are actually in the Differeence as well as the strike prices available. Lets explore these differences to understand their impact in options trading as well as trding gave rise to these grading. Price Not Exactly One-Tenth For a start, as mentioned above, even though the mini indexes are exactly one tenth the value of the regular index, Mini Index Options may not be exactly one tenth the value of the regular Index Options at the same strike price. Comparing another comparable strike price of against revealed the same situation where the Mini Index Option is more expensive than being one-tenth the price of the regular index option.

You will also notice that the bid prices of Mini Index Options are also generally lower than one tenth of regular index options.

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This lower bid price and higher ask price resulted in extremely large bid ask spread of Mini Index Options vs regular Index Options. The reason for such disparity is that even though bwtween mini indexes themselves are exactly one-tenth the value of the regular indexes, the options offered on the mini indexes will come under their own set of pricing dynamics due to market forces of supply and demand. In general, the lower the demand, the wider the bid ask spread that market makers offer in order to hedge against their risk of making market on the less liquid asset. This is done by increasing the extrinsic value on the ask price and lowering them on the bid.

Mini Index Options - Definition

tradding As you can see from the volume and open interest in the picture above, regular index options are still much much more popular and liquid with much higher open interest than Mini Index Options. In- at- and out-of-the-money strike prices are initially listed. New strikes can be added as the index moves up or down. Premium Quotation: Stated in decimals. The minimum tick for XSP options is 0.

Exercise Style: Last Trading Days: Many times, big moves occur around scheduled announcements based on investor expectations and whether or not those expectations are met or missed. With a shorter duration contract, traders can more closely tailor their XSP options trades to specific trading dates, such as earnings announcements or economic data reports, allowing them to capture a larger share of the ensuing move. A shorter contract life, also means that these options will have a lower premium cost relative to their longer duration 30 day counterparts, which may provide traders the opportunity to initiate additional trading strategies. For Friday settlements, options contract expirations occur on non-standard Friday expirations throughout the year.

With XSP Weeklys options, strategies involving collecting premium, such as BuyWrites or spreads, provide the opportunity to collect premium 52 times a year rather than XSP Friday Weeklys options are typically listed on Thursdays and will expire 8 days from the listing date, generally the Friday of the next business week for all weeks other than the standard options contract settlement week. The term Weeklys refers to the fact that the contracts are listed every week, not that they are a 7-day contract.

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