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Metro Pacific Investments MPI Ib company for investments in real estate and infrastructure projects such as water utilities, toll operations, healthcare, power, port, and others. How to invest in the stock market in the Philippines? If you find yourself ready, then you must: Find a Stock Broker — you must have a stock broker to deal with when you buy and sell stocks. We have the list of Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines here.

You can either have one personally or have ni online account. Find the list of licensed stock brokers from the Philippies by calling them. I recommend doing the second option which is opening an online account from the accredited online trading brokers in the Philippines. Minimum fund is P It is like opening a bank account so the requirements are the same — valid IDs, specimen signature, and the application form they will provide. Once you have an active stock trading account you are a stock investor then and you can start buying your stocks and selling them when you want. Invest — invest in a company that is performing well.

How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market

If you are very risky, you can surf the waves of the stock market. Different investors have different strategies. There are those who buy in a day and sell the same day. Like I said, as an investor you must have your target time and target stock value. Or better a major stockholder in the future… How to buy stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange? You will be assisted by a broker or a brokerage firm for your trading.

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You can buy stocks in person or thru phone call or just buy one in a click via an accredited online broker. You can go to the PSE or just open an account online to buy and sell stocks via an online broker. How much money you will need to buy stocks? This is self explanatory but for the newbies and starters, some online brokers offer easy investment and trading options for as low as P That is very cool I must say because it is not too risky for beginners. You will start to learn to invest, buy and sell stocks without losing or gaining so much. Third step is to open an account with a reputable stock broker. To make sure, you can get a complete list of accredited stock holders by visiting the Philippine Stock Exchange PSE website at www.

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You may also be asked to provide a cash deposit in order to begin investing. Fourth step is to decide what stock to pick. If you do not want to bother studying particular stocks, an alternative is to just buy into a mutual fund which is composed of a wide variety of stocks. To get information about the stock market and specific stocks, one of the best sources, is again the PSE website.

Check out too the websites of the companies you are interested in and try to get a copy ivnesting their annual reports. Read books and browse sites on stock market investing if you want to improve your stock picking skills. Fifth step is placing an order. There are many ways of placing an order. You can order by phone or text to your stock broker.

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