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Please note the PID is machine now. We specify the node we want to connect to, and it's localhost this time. This could be of cardinal importance, if you must log the execution of commands or require certain privileges. Finally, we name the process rather that go by the process ID, and we have it terminated.

Configuring a Computer for a Remote Connection

And more. Truly, you are only limited by your imagination and skill. The functionality lnie virtually identical to what we've seen before except that remohe need to make complete logic based on the output and cannot have any interaction. For example, inside the machinea, you will be asked to confirm termination a process; not so when calling WMIC from a batch file, a scheduled job or similar. Going back to the printer example: SERVER1 printer list status Other cool stuff Another similar tool is PsExeca part of the famous and highly useful Sysinternals suite, which can be used to execute commands on remote computers, simplifying administration.

Now, this is not specifically related to WMIC, but while we're at being super cool from the command line in Windows, why not have it all? More WMIC examples.

msinfo32, wmic - Remotely read system information with WMI

All of mahcines examples in this topic use the Get-WmiObject cmdlet. For more information, see Get-WmiObject. Windows PowerShell examples When creating a connection to a remote computer, a user can specify the connection information such as the remote computer name, credentials, and the authentication level for the connection. The following examples illustrate how to connect to a remote computer by using different sets of credentials and how to access WMI information.

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The following Windows PowerShell example shows setting the impersonation level: The user also requested to use impersonation. Changing DCOM settings can allow low rights users access to a computer for a remote connection. In addition, there may be some circumstances in which you may wish to run WMI though a fixed port. To do this, you will also need to change your settings. Connecting to a Remote Computer At its heart, connecting to a remote system with WMI consists of making sure that you have the appropriate permissions to access the system, and that your connection is properly configured.

Once you have those two elements, the connection itself is relatively simple. For example, if you are using your default security credentials, you can access WMI on a remote system using the following code: Infrastructureuse the CimSession object to represent a connection to a remote host. Managementuse the ManagementScope object to represent a connection to a remote host. ConnectServer method to specify the name of the remote computer in the strNetworkResource parameter. Specifically, the samples assume the following:

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