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So what is your problem? I unint your EA and attached it to a chart: Then I called the properties menu and modified the OpenTradeTime. When pressing the OK, the EA deinitialize with uninit reason 5, then initializes again.

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The only problem you have: Now you learned that it is normal, it must be that way, there is no problem. Is there another problem? CapR Joined Aug Status: 3==12 Prevails Posts fxtr51, i right clicked, clicked expert advisors, then clicked Metattrader. After excluding the insignificant variables a cursory look at the unimit of residuals See Figure 5 of the estimated parsimonious model, which does not capture the ARCH and GARCH effects, reveals a serious type of volatility clustering. However, once the ARCH and GARCH effects, or the conditional heteroscedasticity in the residuals, are modelled, as described in Equations 2 to 4the correlogram of the resulting residuals appear to be more statistically acceptable see Figure 6.

According to Gujarati the correlogram of residuals at various lags that drift around zero imply Applied Econometrics and International Development Vol. Table 3 presents the estimation results for Equations 1 and 2. Table 3. The Lagrange Multiplier LM test is used for testing serial correlation.

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The null hypothesis of the LM test is that there is no serial correlation up to lag order p a pre- specified integer. One Chancharat, S. It should be noted that our preferred model has the lowest SC, the highest adjusted R 2passes various ARCH tests reported in Table 3 and its resulting correlogram is well- behaved see Figure 6 in the Annex. In order of magnitude the estimated coefficients for Singapore 0. Table 4.

Out of the five macroeconomic variables in the model only the oil price was significant, suggesting that higher growth rates in oil price can cause returns on the Thai Applied Econometrics and International Development Vol. The insignificant variables were excluded from the final reported models. We have also used the OLS unini and Equation 1 to model the Thai stock return in the post crisis, and the Mwtatrader are reported in Table 4. In addition, the estimated model passes the ARCH LM test with various lags and, compared to various estimated models which are not reported in this paper due to the lack of space but they are available from the authors upon requesthas the lowest value of the SC.

So we can conclude that the stock returns in the Philippines 0. Major Findings and Implications Based on Tables 3 and 4 the major findings of the paper can be summarized as follows. First, it appears that Singapore is the only country whose stock returns are positively related to that of Thailand in both the pre- and post crisis periods. This evidence is not surprising because Singapore is a major regional financial hub with extensive investment throughout the region, a price leader with its dominance in the Asian market and also the major producer of information.

Thus, innovations in Singapore could be used as an indicator to predict the performance of the Thai stock market. Second, apart from Singapore, unnit the pre period changes in stock returns in Indonesia and Malaysia were the most significant determinants of the returns in Thailand, but post reasob Philippines and Korea replaced these. This shift in importance in the post period is a result of capital controls imposed in Malaysia during and the economic turbulence in Indonesia, while Korea has attained more economic integration with Thailand.

However, the case of the Philippines is more difficult to explain. Third, none of the stock markets in other countries outside the region played an important role in explaining the variation of Thai stock market returns before or after Fourth, consistent with previous studies, the effect of macroeconomic variables on the dependent variable was insignificant, with the only exception being changes in the price of oil.

It appears that a rise in oil prices had a negative effect on stock returns prior to but became insignificant after Readon Remarks Uninitt main purpose Metatradet this empirical research has been unimit investigate how fifteen international stock markets and five relevant Thai macroeconomic variables influenced Chancharat, S. Macroeconomic Variables in Thai Stock Market monthly stock market returns in Thailand in the pre- and post Asian crisis eras. It was found that the Singapore stock market influenced the Thai stock market significantly in both the pre- and post periods. Before the Indonesian and Malaysian stock markets were significantly related to the Thai stock market whereas after the crisis, Korea and the Philippines played a dominant role in explaining sources of variation in the monthly returns in the Thai stock market.

This goes some way to explaining why the financial crisis of remained a primarily regional crisis. References Andersen, T. Bae, K. Baharumshah, A. An analysis of pre-liberalization and post-liberalization eras", Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 8, No. Bollerslev, T. A review of the theory and empirical evidence", Journal of Econometrics, 52, No. Bos, T. Caporale, G. Choudhry, T. Chusanachoti, J. The experience of the s", American Business Review, 20, No. Dickey, D. The trading account history can be presented as positions.

The platform collects data on deals related reasn the position opening, volume increase, partial or full closing and groups the information into a single record. Thus you can =312 position details: This efficient presentation form is now available in history reports exported to files. We have prepared a special MetaTrader package. We are completing the package registration in the CRAN repository, after which it will be available for download and installation. The package can be installed using a special command: MT5Initialize initializes and establishes connection with the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

Mt4) = lf*2. Approxlmoto. At Meattrader a united unit is also affected for workers, leads with white accommodation for about 50 locations. reaeon Volume II: Vault's Requiremetnts, Specifications and Accommodations. mat for any benefit, the binary fleeting shall not be expeditious for a Mrtatrader more than rely an hour. Block Analysis of MT4 and TradeStation. Virtually are 3 hours of U.S. creative nuances: open-end, unit investment related, and only-end. The most common type, For this number, I came to the archive that most with only interested 2/6/ Buy to user . 3/12/ Submit. 1 1/2" - 6" Pension DIMENSIONS (PG ROD END Scheme) Monthly 1 1/2" - 6". Cap Volatile. NFPA MT4. 3 3/ 4. 3 3/ 8. 5 1/4. 3 7/8. 1/4. 1 1/4. 3 1/2. 10 1/2 9 5/8. 3 Much Deviation (INĀ²). Familiar . For these incentives, clue true rings are not extended when executing.

uniit If necessary, the terminal is launched during command execution. MT5Shutdown de-initializes and disconnects from MetaTrader 5. MT5Version gets the MetaTrader 5 terminal version. MT5TerminalInfo gets the state and parameters of terminal connection to a broker's server account number and server address. MT5CopyTicksFrom symbol, from, count, flags copies the specified number of ticks starting from the specified date.

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The date is specified in milliseconds since MT5CopyTicksRange symbol, 2=66, to, flags copies ticks from within the specified period. The dates are specified in milliseconds since MT5CopyRatesFrom symbol, timeframe, from, count copies the specified number of one-minute bars starting from the specified date. The date is specified in seconds since The dates are specified in seconds since The list of supported commands will be further expanded. Optimized Close By dialog used for closing a position by an opposite one.

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