Cobol compute rounded option intelligence

The following example specifies an 8-digit tounded starting at position The maximum length specifies the number of graphic double-byte characters. The length of this field is equal to the precision number of digits that you specify. This length cannot be overridden in the control file.

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The scaling factor can be greater than the number of digits but cannot be negative. An example of the syntax for this datatype is: In that case, the appropriate technique must still be used if necessary to indicated the byte order of the data. For example, the input character x"1C" is loaded as If no length specification is given, then the length, in bytes, is based on the size of a LONG INT in the C programming language on your particular platform. The scale parameter is the scaling factor, or number of digits to the right of the decimal point.

The COMPUTE Statement

An example is: In this syntax, precision is the roundded of digits in the number, and scale if given is the number of digits to the right of the implied decimal point. If the byte order is different between the systems, use the appropriate technique to indicate the byte order of the length subfield. It is multiplied by 2 to determine the maximum length of the field in bytes.

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