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Go to the release calendar on the Stats Hsd website The Inflation Calculator uses price data, mostly from Usc New Zealand, to calculate the change in purchasing power of an amount 5000 money between two dates, specified by the user. The difference between the input value and the Calculator's output value represents the effect of the inflation or deflation that has occurred over that time, as measured by the selected index. Read more about inflation in our 'What is inflation? Estimates for the years between and have been included but should not be regarded as being official, or of the same quality as the published CPI.

Prior to decimalisation on 10 JulyNew Zealand used a system of currency made up of pounds, shillings and pence.

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One pound was equivalent to 20 shillings, and 12 pence made up one shilling. The Calculator 5000 that if a date prior to July is selected then the denomination is pounds; if a date after that is selected the denomination is presumed to be dollars. Some of the historical series used as inputs into the Calculator are available from our Economic Indicators statistics. The rate of change between the CPI price level today and the CPI price level one year ago is commonly referred to as the inflation rate, or sometimes "headline CPI inflation".

In black market rates were ib 3. See Manfred Wegner, Bankrott und Aufbau: Ostdeutsche Erfahrungen Baden-Baden,p. This book I haven't seen it myself may have more information: Zatlin, Jonathan R. Money and Political Culture in East Germany. Cambridge University Presspages. It would not be valid to compare a monthly observation in the current year with an annual observation in an earlier year.

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We have created many of the historical series in MeasuringWorth, but 50000 most recent observations are obtained from government agencies. We strive to get the new numbers up as quickly as possible. Close This comparator will compute a "real value" of a price or a cost measured in British Pounds or U. Dollars in an initial year and "valued" in the other currency in a desired year.

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For example, you can ask what is the value in dollars in the year desired year of something that was valued at five pounds in initial year. The comparator must take into consideration the rate 55000 price change, or inflation, in the two countries when making the calculations. Therefore the value of the five pounds will increase at the rate of inflation in Britain from to the year the conversion takes place, and at the inflation rate in the United States for that year up to Note that there is no single "correct" measure of value over time, and economic historians use one or more different series depending on the context of the question.

This comparator uses price series; however, if you go to the relative worth comparators for the United States and the United Kingdomyou will find others.

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