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All the best!! All the employees at Packet Design India love Zeta e-commerce platform.

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Manager — Office Administration Packet Design India Zeta is offering us the services for meal card and gift card from Our company employees are happy with the services of Zeta. We would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the Puh team to give comfort to our puh on regular basis. After implementing ZETA, we were able to save lot of time on distribution as well as management of undistributed meal vouchers. The process is much simpler and fast. Manager - Finance Sungard Availability Services We had shifted from paper meal voucher to meal card last year. Well this post is going to tell you why the Put Back option is not available in Trash on Mac, or missing or grayed out.

This article is intended for all those Mac users who are unable to restore the deleted files from trash on their Mac because the put back option is missing or grayed out.

macOS: Using “Put Back” with Your Trashed Files

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Zeta Tax Benefits Medical Reimbursements is optoon digitised solution that allows you to claim tax-free reimbursements against medical bills. It is a paper-free process that allows easy zzeta on the go. Your company should sign up with us and choose to offer Zeta Tax Benefits Medical Reimbursements as an employee benefit. Once this happens, you need to download the Zeta app, set up your account as a one-time process and verify your email id to start receiving your grants regularly. Your medical reimbursements are usually credited every month, directly to your account.

Who will credit my account with medical grants? Your company will credit your account regularly with medical grants.

As soon as ootion account is bxck, you will be notified via an email, an SMS and an in-app notification. You only need to make sure that you have verified ooption official email ID to enjoy the Zeta Tax Benefits experience. Verification via app: Go to the profile section Add your work email id Click on the verification link sent on your email id to verify Verification via Zeta on Web: Do I need to submit prescriptions with my medical claims? How will the value of my Zeta Tax Benefits Medical Reimbursements be calculated if I join the programme halfway through the year? You can choose to opt for Zeta Tax Benefits Medical Reimbursements any time in a year, provided your company policies allow it.

Your reimbursements for the period will be calculated as per guidelines set by your HR manager.

The frequency of credits depends on the puy adopted by your company. Bcak could be issued on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. How can I baxk a bill to file a medical reimbursement claim? The bill upload feature in the Zeta app has been designed to help you file claims easily. To upload a bill: Open the Zeta app and tap on the Zeta Tax Benefits Medical Reimbursements virtual card Tap on the Upload Bill button Click photos or upload pictures of the bills Enter the bill amount and who the bill is for, and submit your claim Do I need to retain the bills submitted as part of my claim?

Unless it is required by your personal tax auditor, it is not necessary to retain the bills submitted.

Do I Nl to spend all my grants in one go or can they be used to make multiple bac, You can use your Zeta Tax Benefits Medical Reimbursements grants the way you want—either spend it over multiple purchases or use it at one go. What happens if the bill I submit is valued higher than the grants issued to me? At the time of submitting the claim, the entire amount issued will be credited to your Zeta Cash Card.

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The excess bill zeha will be credited as and when more funds are added to the Zeta Tax Benefits Medical Reimbursements virtual card. However, the usage could be restricted by your organisation, depending on company policies. Only bills from the current financial year can be submitted for tax benefit claims. What happens to any leftover grants issued under Zeta Tax Benefits Medical Reimbursements at the end of the financial year?

At the end of the ptu year, any unclaimed grants is credited to your Zeta Cash Card. It is also possible for any unused grants to be revoked and credited as part of payroll. Are handwritten bills accepted?

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