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It is not acting as trustee and does not have a first mortgage, as usual. The shares that are put up as security for these loans are actually pooled by Tricom and used as security for its own wholesale facility with ANZ Bank.

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If, or perhaps when, ANZ starts selling Tricom assets to protect its position, it will be selling shares that Tricom clients think they own. I spoke to a Tricom client yesterday who had no idea, until yesterday, that this was his legal position. He had not read the contract, and had simply assumed that it was the normal trustee arrangement. The implication of this for Tricom clients is that even if they meet in full the margin call now being demanded of them by their broker, they could lose all of their shares anyway.

To be clear about this: ANZ would own their shares or rather the shares they think they own and sell them to recover its debt. Indeed, banking sources believe ANZ is terrified at its position, and Begniner much rather not put Tricom out of business. So, another question must be added to the many surrounding the Tricom situation: Sources close to Tricom have confirmed that the stock in question could not be delivered on time because ANZ Nominees had lent it and was unable to recover it. ANZ refused to comment on this to Business Spectator, but has told other clients that if clear instructions had been received in time on Tuesday, it would have executed the trades.

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When the proper instruction was received on Wednesday, the trade was settled. Indeed, Tricom has confirmed that it has had back-office problems in a statement today: Its raises the notion of a kind of symbiosis between customers and their vendor where forjm they customers could all work as a collective they may achieve a better result for all. Good luck tho. It was the steepest decline since MF Global was spun off last year from hedge fund giant Man Group, and the blow-up raised questions about how one of the largest customers on several futures exchanges could have left itself so exposed to a single trader's bets.

MF Global identified the trader as Evan Dooley, who worked in the firm's Memphis office until he was fired for having "substantially exceeded his authorised trading limit".

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In an interview, the year-old Mr Dooley, who goes by his middle name, Brent, blamed the trading traading on the computer systems he was using. That system "failed on a lot of things", he said, including problems in "setting limits". He declined to be more specific. MF Global insisted that the breakdowns resulting in the steep loss were isolated and have been fixed. But Kevin Davis, the brokerage's chief executive, acknowledged that existing internal controls could have stopped Mr Dooley's trades from being processed - but were turned off in certain cases to allow for speedier transactions by brokers at the firm who traded for themselves.

But what is a risk manager? Again we resort to Google search, the definition is shown below: You need to become a tradimg in identifying possible risks to your forex trading account to minimize account erosion. Fail to implement this will result in certain failure. In truth, I was one of those traders. I got a string of winning trades on my demo account and thought I was ready for the big league. How wrong could I have being.

Trading a demo account is nothing like Bginner real deal. The fear and heart palpitations you experience when firum click into your first live trade cannot be replicated on a demo account. Your heart is racing, foerx palms are sweaty and you start second guessing your analysis that got you into the trade in the first place. Big mistake! Coupled with not really knowing what I was doing, I threw away hundreds of euro within a few days. Over time losing trade after trade my confidence suffered, the fear of losing so much money had taken its toll.

So I started hesitating when an opportunity setup, only to click in after the move had commenced and then watch price come back to my entry and my stop loss.

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Not a nice time in my life. So Fofum urge you to start off small, an Beginned with a couple of hundred euro is ideal to get your toes wet, take this time to build confidence and grow as a forex trader. Prepare well Preparation is crucial, so I urge you to do market analysis at the end of every trading day and over the weekend. Treat it like a business Lastly, Treat your trading like a business, have set hours you trade with no distractions.

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