Putting child up for adoption process guide

You can choose to pocess an relationship with your child and their family after the adoption, and communicate through letters, photos, family visits or however you feel comfortable keeping in contact. We can offer recommendations for the best adoption agencies, if you decide to work with one, help you find a good hospital for your maternity health needs, and help you look through adoption profiles, if you like.

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Facing an adoption decision can feel overwhelming. Our passion lies in representing birth parents chjld the adoption process. To learn more about how to put Puyting baby up for adoption in D. C, Maryland, or Virginia, contact us now online. Whether you are single or married; or gay; a step-parent, a surrogate or intended parent or a child of adoption, it is my mission to serve as your advocate. So if we had to define Adoption? Adoption is a permanent legal procedure where a child is placed with approved adoptive parents to raise the child as a member of their family.

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The opportunity to bring happiness to others that they would not experience without prrocess Happiness that comes from knowing that the adoptive parents are aware that you love your baby enough to secure his or her happiness Step 2: Our adoption agency provides private and confidential adoption services when seeking to place your baby for adoption. We care about you. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your decision. So what is an adoption plan? The information contained in the adoption plan is dependent on how open your adoption is going to be.

Placing my baby for adoption

If you want a closed adoption, then your adoption plan will be simple to complete. Some of the questions relating profess the openness of the adoption may include: Do you want to have visits? Will the visits be once a year or more often? You choose the Level of Confidentiality in your Adoption In a confidential adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents do not exchange any identifying information. With semi-open adoptions you will know each other by first names only. Open adoptions permit the most contact between families either directly or with a third party.

An open adoption eliminates the need for a child to search for the guid parents if they choose to do so later in their life. You will also know Puttihg your child is doing. An adoption agency like Building Blocks Adoption Service is an important part of your adoption plan- as they provide the means for all of the privacy that you choose. Step 3: Finding a Loving Family for your Baby You choose the adoptive family that you feel is best for you and your baby. Here are the questions most women want answered as they think about adoption: What happens if I change my mind?

Step 3 Make a plan to give up your baby for adoption The plan is always flexible. You can change your mind as often as you want. I will help you make decisions about the plan as well. Here are the basics: Complete paperwork that gives details about your background. Choose the adoptive parents. Talk with your support people about your plans—family and friends or someone else you trust. Learn about your rights in an open adoption.


I can help! Step 4 Get to know the adoptive parents Families come in all ffor and sizes—singles, same sex, couples with kids, couples of different races. However, I always encourage women to keep their options open as best they can. The perfect parents for your baby might not be exactly what you envisioned when you started on this journey.

Get to know the adoptive parents by asking lots of questions. Talk with them on the phone and plan to meet them before you deliver. Remember that everyone is nervous, and that can be a good thing!

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