Computer options raleigh 3 wheeler

The M16 system features an LCD display that shows your speed, range and the power level you are using.

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The custom software provides an even delivery of power meaning that the bike pulls away smoothly and without the jerky surge of rival systems. Patchy availabilty. Similar to above but non-eyeleted. In this instance the motor is directly connected to the cranks providing a smooth and exceptionally efficient transfer of power which is added to your pedal stroke.


E-motion Featured on the Array This collaboration has resulted in a front motor system offering the best riding experience we have ever encountered at this price point. This provides the bikes with great rraleigh climbing assistance, and allows you to quickly pull away at junctions or traffic lights. Both systems benefit from new communications technology, which ensures that the motor maximises the battery range, and will allow your local Raleigh store to set the bike up for you via a USB link. Being single-walled and non-eyeleted, these are basic rims that are no match for the lighter and stronger modern alloy rims listed above.

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