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The average income of the American farms dropped to the level, record-breaking low for the last 15 years, in some states mass bankruptcies of small and medium-sized companies is recorded. After the increase in rates, most farmers lost an opportunity to be refinanced before a new season. By 19 February the U. The moment you enter, the price spikes up, hits the profit target and you get 1.

But guess what? Why not 2R? Why not 3R? Why not put a trailing stop-loss? More often than not, after it hits your profit target, it goes sideways, or it goes down. So you cannot take one event and generalize it.

Trade in fear returns to the market

Besides, there is real danger in over-raising your profit target. Let me give you an example: Say, you raise your profit target to 4R. The price goes up, hits maybe 1. So instead of winning 1.

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However, this takes some time and practice. Fear of Loss: Decision-making process at danger The first fear is a very common one — a fear of loss. Everyone is scared to lose their money. A new trader might be doubtful to trade if he has lost some money in the past.

Dear a consequence, traders reduce their trading. This, normally in not the right thing to do. Eventually, a well-defined trading strategy should lead to profits when a high-enough amount of trades are put. However, while reducing trading, traders are increasing their chances of taking a losing trade.

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Moreover, the fear Forez loss in Forex trading can be explained by Endowment Effect. For successful traders the heightened state of arousal induced by fear leads to sharp concentration and awareness before entering a trade. But for those who have become its captive, the adrenaline rush leads to feelings fwar panic and fear which cloud the mind and impair judgement. To become a successful trader, it is essential to make fear our ally, to harness it and flow with it in order to reap the benefits such a survival mechanism has to offer.

Traders need to understand how the different facets of fear can influence trading behavior in a negative or positive manner. Fear is unavoidable and is processed partly on a subconscious level, but when fully understood, it can help you improve your trading performance. Fear can be broken down into three categories: Fear of Loss 2.

Fear of missing good trades 3. Fear of being wrong Fear of Loss Trading is like any other business in that losses are a part of the game. But losing over and over again can lead to psychological scarring that can paralyze and fill the trader with dread when approaching the trading table. Fear of losing money, of hitting your equity threshold and trading too large, fear of failure, fear of being wrong, fear of making a mistake, fear of about anything you can imagine, with fear as the common denominator. There are really three stages to fear for a person, especially in forex trading, which I will briefly go over, and talk about how to remedy your fears.

Stage 1 — Paralysis and Confusion Being such a powerful emotion, at a base level, fear tends to cloud our judgment when experiencing fear on any level. If we are not aware of it, or do not know how to deal with it, it will paralyze us, such as paralysis analysis. It will actually reduce our mental and cognitive resources, forcing us to use a more primitive portion of our brain called the Limbic System our most ancient brain. You may have heard this as fight or flight, but really when fear takes a hold of us, we are separated from our natural intelligence in the moment we most surely need it. We become the deer on headlights, frozen when we should act.

And this leads to confusion.

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By having no awareness of fear, or being run over by it, we take the path of confusion, and this leads to bad trading decisions. Perhaps not pulling the trigger, even though our system has a signal. Perhaps leveraging too little for being afraid of losing money.

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