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The owner's details can be inscribed on the collar itself or on a tag attached to the collar. Even if sdoption dog is microchipped, they still need to wear a collar or tag. Exemptions apply for some working dogs. Control of Dogs Order Lost and found or stray dogs Local authorities have a statutory duty to hold stray dogs for seven days so missing pets can be reunited with their owners. If the dog is not claimed after seven days, the authority can find the dog a new home usually through a rehoming organisation or euthanise them.

Revealed: RSPCA destroys HALF of the animals that it rescues - yet thousands are completely healthy

Anyone who finds a stray dog must make an attempt to reunite them with their owner if they know who they are, or report them to the dog warden if they do not. The police are not responsible for stray dogs in England and Wales. If you find a stray dog and wish to keep them, you must still contact the dog warden first. If you do not, you could be accused of theft. Environmental Protection Act Illegal types of dog Some types of dog are illegal to own, breed, sell, abandon, or give away.

Giving your dog up for adoption

Sinceowners who have been told their dog is one of these types can apply to the court for an exemption order. This means that dogs that look illegal can undergo a behavioural assessment which, if they pass, proves they are no danger to society. If a dog fails this test, they will be euthanised. Dogs who pass the exemption process must be muzzled and kept on a lead in public at all times.

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Owners must also take out third party liability insurance for their pets. Read more about why we want fr see breed-specific legislation overturned so dogs are no longer outlawed on looks. Dangerous Dogs Actsection 1 Dog breeding and selling Anyone keeping a breeding establishment for dogs at any premises and is in the business of breeding dogs for sale must be licensed by the local council in England. Share this article Share The number of animals re-homed has dropped from 70, in to 60, last year, while the number of convictions secured has leapt by 20 per cent. Figures obtained for the past five years show that 46 per cent of animals rescued by the charity were put down.

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Former RSPCA inspector Dawn Aubrey-Ward, who worked for the organisation from tosaid she came across numerous examples of animals destroyed because there was no room for them in shelters. Kent vet David Smith, who worked for the organisation for 12 years, said: The charity prosecuted her for neglect, but Mr Smith, 62, came to her aid. When I started doing work for them, the inspectors rarely prosecuted people — it was mostly about helping people to care for the animals. Tries to get in the bath with you. This one might just be my dog though Wakes you up.

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