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When this setting is on, the Sell Stop order is not activated as the Ask price red line doesn't meet the pending order level. Muslim clients can make a request to cancel swaps on their trading accounts.

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For adcount types of demo accounts, the maximum number of open orders allowed, as well as the maximum total volume of all orders in lotsmay vary from the limits imposed on live accounts. As a result, the order is cancelled. If the market axcount lies outside this range, the order will be cancelled without being executed. As such, this setting helps you avoid financial losses incurred as a result of the simultaneous opening and closing of a pending order that may occur in the event of a price gap or a widening of the spread. If the price at which the Sell Stop is set to activate differs from the first price to be quoted after the gap by more than the limit specified in the settings, the order will be cancelled, helping the trader avoid any financial losses as a result of slippage.

This means that the order will be executed at the specified price at the volume available on the market at that particular moment.

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In order to do so, they must send a request by e-mail to swapfree alpari. When this setting is off, limit orders will either be executed at the specified order price or at a more favourable price if sufficient supply becomes available on the market. Register with myAlpari and Over one million clients are already registered with us! Before the open of the next trading session, the leverage on these positions will be reset based on trading volume, or set by you in myAlpari. In this case, the Sell Stop, along with with the Take Profit set up on it, will be cancelled.

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Commission compensation on ECN accounts of up to 20%

If positions are opened, closed or modified acclunt if there are any non-trading operations on standard. The order is cancelled because the execution price turned out higher. Any remaining volume is fulfilled as a pending limit order, which can be cancelled manually if necessary. For pending orders, the slippage is calculated as the difference between the order price and the price at which the order is actually executed.

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