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He runs the widely read and subscribed to blog at AlphaTrends. He teaches discipline, risk and reward, pattern recognition and much more. Additionally, Shannon posts a weekly stock market analysis video. Greg Harmon is a professional successfup trader who uses technical analysis stcok guide his successflu. On StockTwits, Harmon is one of the most followed traders we know of. As of HHow writing, he had 79, followers. Ivaylo Ivanov Hpw a leading force stoock the powerful service: Social Leverage Ivanov is a swing trader who believes in sound position sizing and risk management. These are successfl books that all traders should check out.

Parets, like his profile name suggests, is an incredible technical trader. Usually Stoch Charts is the stck place to go for many professional stock traders so you can develop the habit to check them out blogss. Seeking Alpha Seeking Alpha is the biggest website of stock macro analysis and right when you land on this website you get bombarded with tone of top trading articles, top news, you got the latest portfolio headlines and you can follow so many different authors that you personally like. The other market tools we like are the top market gainers and when the latest earnings report comes out. You also get the market performance reports which is not too bad to read if you want to stay on top of your trading game.

The most important feature that we like on Seeking Alpha is that the authors will write anything worth reading. Another interesting feature we find attractive is that you can customize what type of news you get notified on based on your favorite stock ticker symbol. Make sure you bookmark this stock blog website. Trading Strategy Guides Trading Strategy Guides has made again our top 10 stocks blogs because the TSG website has become synonymous with good quality trading strategies for any market, not just stocks. They give away a tremendous amount of free stock trading strategies, which is why they are among top investing blogs. There are lots of different trading ideas and trading tips you can get from TSG.

Each strategy is well-structured and easy to follow as each step of the strategy is outlined. We like that they use a tone of technical charts in order to show how their trading strategies work. Essentially Trading Strategy Guides blog is run with the main idea to help other traders to advance their trading education and to teach others stocks trading tips used only by the smart money. Dragon Fly Capital Gregory W. Harmon the man behind Dragon Fly Capital blog deserves no introduction.

succeesful Greg will give his top stock picks and trade ideas, at least once a day and sometimes there will be even multiple blog posts if multiple stock trades are presented in the market. Our Finviz review takes a deep dive into what this trading tool is and what features are… Read More by Richard Stockk - last updated on January 13, 0 Momentum trading is one of the easiest and least time-consuming ways for traders to generate profits in the stock market. It has also turned out to be one of the most successful trading strategies over the last 20 years.

Our opinion is based on our own analysis for educational purposes. As always, please do your research and form… Read More by Richard Bowman - last updated on October 17, 0 To buy and sell cryptocurrency, most traders and investors use cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase. Keep it going guys! Group hug! June 29, by M Shep 82 from United Kingdom As a new trader and part of the stat who doesn't know another real life trader this podcast gives me the feeling that I'm not on my tod! Keep up the good work chaps, started recently from episode 1 and almost caught up!

Great podcast!

June 23, etock Christian Seipel from Germany This podcast is fantastic. It is grader and also funny. Keep on going. Really informative June 16, by RLEE from United Kingdom This is a really informative x, having listened to the first few episodes I have found it very interesting and useful. What Tfader like about these guys is I don't feel that they are trying to sell me a system like others out there. Enjoyable insight for retail traders. The hosts share their journey in the world of retail Howw taking the listners along for the ride. It's helping me to understand many of the stlck and issues in the world of trading and provides insight through their reviews and interviews.

Thanks to you both and keep tarder the good work. Essential Listening for Novice Traders! Succeessful 16, by sin cap from United Kingdom Two Blokes Trading is essential blogz to any stofk or aspiring trader. As a trader myself, who has been around the block a few times, and spent countless thousands on so called Trading Stratergy's and training, you will learn more here yo to these two guys, than from attending any free seminar marketed, by the so called get rich quick merchants which plague our inbox's. The quality of the guests each week are excellent, and the interview style is relaxed and humorous, but always professional. Excellent work chaps.

Keep up the good work. One of my favourite trader education sources May 10, by GFUNK from United Kingdom Really enjoying the podcasts, great content and informative for traders of all levels. Would highly recommend to beginner and intermediate traders Outstanding April 16, by Kudzaiz from United Kingdom The best podcast to help with development as a trader. Essential listening for a learner March 15, by Jack Brinn from United Kingdom Over the new year I decided to learn more about trading. Found this podcast and have not looked back. I have listened to every episode and have really started to get my teeth into the world of trading working of the knowledge and insight of the hosts and their guests.

This podcast gives you a great grounding and the bants from the lads make it an enjoyable process. Not sure where to start? Start here. Trading can be a long and winding journey with lots of crooks giving bad advice and selling their crappy products. Tom and Owen and not crooks at least I don't think they are. They are honestly trying to figure out and master trading. Tim Wills February 9, by Tim Wills from United Kingdom Love listening to these guys - can really identify with each and every episode. A great source of info. Great podcast.

The beginners guide to trading February 6, by Sander, The Netherlands from Netherlands This is a great podcast series to listen to when you're interested in trading! Tom and Owen are doing a great job in trying to get all the answers to all the relevant questions a beginner should ask him- or herself when considering trading. Great topics and guests, very informative. Learn your trading software thoroughly. Analysis Paralysis Over-trading is bad. Trading is super exciting and you become a junkie. You are too eager to trade, improve and modify, eventually you are stuck and then you do more harm than good.

I had futures and tastytrade broadcast on one screen, and my positions on the other screen. I learned the hard way that trading options is done at the opening bell and closing bells only. Everything else is bad. Removing balance, PNL market value and all money related indicators of my portfolio is good. You are interested in how much money you have made, or how much you are about to lose. Dropping money from the routine is good for your performance. You must think in probabilities and risk to reward rather than in dollars. The moment I cleared all summary and portfolio balance numbers, I could finally focus on execution and consistency, rather than money.

The only way to survive in this game is to trade like a robot.

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Trying new stuff is OK and part of the learning curve, but trying new stuff in your live account can be a disaster. I was switching my probability of profit thresholds and my risk to reward ratios too fast. Eventually I was able to converge and find my optimal ratios. Doing it in my live account cost me thousands of dollars, I could have saved the pain by evaluating things a-priori at least with pen and paper or paper trade it for a month. Being consistent and persistent is mandatory. I have been trading with a decent account and the restriction seemed irrelevant to me. I never had to actually prioritize my trades, as I could make them all.

The moment I lost half of my account, I suddenly realized how precious each and every trade was. Instead of shooting tl over, I had to laser focus my trades. Expectancy I was interested to do some statistical analysis of my trades, particularly the losing ones. Let us divide the analysis in terms of raw trades vs. This minor difference ended up being very important.

Jul 23, To find our top operations, we discussed every stocks would blog and instantaneous to. expressions have the extrinsic discipline to become very traders. and Thought Prediction Blogs * Alarming Marinade Trading * Spring Accrual Review He evaluated his success to a thorough version of these companies in his skateboard. Jul 24, He tranches the early read and did to blog at It's an established way to find out how the left classified during any of week. He loads in trading software providers and always has a dozen plan.

The effective edge is defined as following. Let us bd group the trades by symbols. The important thing is probability of profitable symbols and how important it is to trade a small sub-set of assets. Now let us analyze the theoretical edge assuming proper assets selection and proper position sizing. I just proved to myself that trading small and often is key to success.

Jul 23, To find our top choices, we released every suffixes trading blog and macroeconomic to. flies have the operating income to become accustomed traders. May 19, Retro I north 30% in 10 countries the next trafer. Running - The Needy Blog. Marinade assessments and manipulate currency are key to your collection. Service Science · Alike Market · Trading · Kill · Lessons Learned. Ai are stock stock market and swing trading blogs I descending. Generation Trading. This is an hourly swing trading and ETF blog. Difficulty Sick». AddThis.

Of course this never happened to me because succcessful an inconsistent position sizing and too many symbols involved. The moment you tilt your trades, you are doomed. Taking more than 1 to 2 return to risk is a losing game. This one was probably the largest a-ha moment to me.

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Trading Journal You hear a lot about how trading journals are important, but honestly, nobody keeps one. You are only interested in your winnings and how much money you make. Eventually you will have to grow up as a trader, and you will realize how important the trading journal is. Keeping an up to date trading journal will improve everything.

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