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But once your kids vapues the rules, playing that game in future lessons takes a fraction of the time. And because the information is directly written on the piano piece that is already open on the piano, it also eliminates the time I might spend opening my teaching binder and referencing a spreadsheet… every second counts! This strategy requires a bit of prep work, but if you only use two or three method books, you quickly remember which piano games go with which pieces and making the notes before sending the method book home is easy-peasy.

This is a great strategy for reinforcing lesson concepts AND, what I consider to be even more important… getting parents involved in home practice!

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Kick Flick: Then, suddenly, game-based learning became much more than a brain-break… it became a philosophy. During this day, you can teach your piano students how to play all of the fun new games you have. Piano Game Days The first time you play a piano game, you are bound to spend more than 5 minutes learning how the game is played. Fortunately, you can use a couple of simple strategies to crush that hurdle, and pave the way to studio success… 1. Now for the best part… we have a great soccer-themed piano game to send your way that will improve bass clef note reading!

When children learn new concepts or review past concepts within the context of a game, they are fully engaged in the process.

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Plus… your piano student will retain information more easily when it is presented in a game-based Gamesfation because he is completely engaged in the process: And this philosophy Gamestaation guided by one very simple question: Take-Home Piano Games Reaping the many necessary vaules of game-based learning does not only need to happen during a piano lesson! By doing this in advance, I eliminate any time spent deciding which is the correct game to use and then searching through my storage bins to find it. Piano games become a necessary component of any lesson, and a necessary tool that results in better understanding and increased motivation.

In the header in a discrete area and in a tidy way I write down the names of one or two piano games that reinforce the concepts being learned in the piano piece.

Piano Game Days are also a brilliant way to add to Gamesstation teaching income and to help your piano students meet other music-minded friends, hereby building a sense of community. Keep reading to find out how you can easily incorporate piano games into your lessons… even when time is tight. By Andrea A minute piano lesson can feel as though someone pressed fast-foward on your clock.

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