How configuration passes work

For more information about Windows components and settings that can ;asses added to an answer file, see the Unattended Windows Setup Reference Guide. Configuring Device Drivers To add out-of-box, boot-critical drivers during xonfiguration unattended installation, you must make sure that the boot-critical driver is available on preinstallation media. Boot-critical drivers should be added during the windowsPE configuration pass. Non-boot-critical drivers can be added to the offlineServicing configuration pass. This makes sure that boot-critical drivers are available and when the computer boots, the driver will confivuration.

For more information, see Device Drivers and Deployment Overview. Configuring International Settings International settings are available in multiple configuration passes, to enable you to customize the Windows image based on customer requirements and different deployment scenarios. For example, if you build a computer in the United States which would be an en-US international settingyou might perform all your tests in English. However, if you intend to deliver the computer to France and need Windows to boot in French, you can add the fr-FR language pack, if the language pack is not already installed, and then configure the Microsoft-Windows-International-Core component to apply fr-FR settings during the specialize configuration pass.

When the computer boots, the installation will display English text. However, after the specialize configuration pass finishes, French text will be displayed. You can preconfigure the settings on this UI page by specifying language and locale settings in the oobeSystem configuration pass in the Microsoft-Windows-International-Core component. If settings are set in oobeSystem configuration pass, the Regional Settings page is skipped. If language settings are configured during specialize, the Regional Settings page will be displayed.

For more information, see Add Language Packs to Windows.

Examples The following sections describe sample deployment scenarios and describe when configuration passes run. In such a scenario, Windows SIM can create a catalog file. Alternatively, you can create an answer file in advance in Windows SIM. By using Windows SIM, you can verify that the configuration settings within an answer file are valid for the installation.

Figure shows an answer file that has a validation error. As mentioned earlier, the answer file is an Cconfiguration file that can be edited by using a text editor. Here is a sample answer file: Windows SIM will not create empty settings in an answer file, but you can manually introduce empty strings in an answer file. Your goal should be to reduce answer file bloat such as empty strings, which can increase deployment times.

Answer files often contain sensitive data such configuragion the password of the ;asses Administrator account. Windows SIM enables you to obfuscate local computer passwords in answer files. To obfuscate a password in an answer file with Windows SIM, perform the following steps: In Windows SIM, open an answer file that contains a password you want wor, obfuscate. Click the Confivuration menu and then click Hide Sensitive Data. The following diagram shows the process of the generalize configuration pass. Microsoft-Windows-Deployment Generalize. This pass is typically used to make additional configurations to an installation, such as installing out-of-box device drivers.

This pass runs only when a computer is configured to boot to audit mode. Audit mode enables OEMs and corporations to install additional device drivers, applications, and other updates to a master Windows? Additionally, you can test the installation before shipping the computer to an end-user. When Windows boots to audit mode, the auditSystem configuration pass and the auditUser unattended Windows Setup settings are processed. The auditSystem configuration pass processes unattended Windows Setup settings in system context in audit mode. The auditSystem configuration pass runs immediately before the auditUser configuration pass, which is used to apply settings in user context.

Pass 1 windowsPE

By using audit mode, you can maintain fewer Windows images because you can create a reference image with a minimal set of confoguration and applications. The image can be updated with additional drivers during audit mode. You can then test and resolve any issues related to malfunctioning or incorrectly installed devices on the Windows image. The auditSystemconfiguration pass runs only when you configure Windows Setup to boot into audit mode. You can boot to audit mode by using the sysprep command with the audit option, or the sysprep command with the generalize and audit options, or you can specify the Reseal setting in the Microsoft-Windows-Deployment component.

Audit mode is optional.

Passfs more information, see Windows? This pass is typically used to run custom commands or configure Windows Shell options. Audit mode enables OEMs and corporations to install additional pxsses drivers, applications, and ocnfiguration updates. When Windows? The auditUser configuration pass always runs after the auditSystem configuration pass. The auditUser configuration pass processes unattended Setup settings in user context in audit mode. The auditUser configuration pass runs after the auditSystem pass, which is used to apply settings in system context. Typically, the auditUser configuration pass is used to execute RunSynchronous or RunAsynchronous commands. These commands are used to run scripts, applications, or other executables during audit mode.

By using audit mode, you can maintain fewer Windows images because you can create a reference image with a minimal set of drivers.

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The auditUserconfiguration pass runs only when you configure Windows Setup to boot woro audit mode. Confuguration pass is typically used to configure Windows Shell options, create user accounts, and specify language and locale settings. The oobeSystem configuration pass configures settings that are applied during the end-user first-boot experience, also called Windows Welcome. Online Configuration phase — There is no user input during this phase, and when your system performs its last reboot, this phase is finished and the final phase of Setup will begin. Windows Welcome phase — During a manual install, this is the phase where you get prompted to choose a user name and picture, type a computer name, choose a desktop background, and so on.

Under the hood however, things are a bit more complicated because of something called configuration passes. A configuration pass is an aspect of the Setup process that can be controlled by configuring settings in an answer file. In other words, whatever happens during a configuration pass can be automated. Figure 1: Boot the computer with the master image.

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Windows starts. The specialize configuration pass runs. The computer restarts. The oobeSystem configuration pass runs. To boot Windows to audit mode In this scenario, you boot a Windows image that is configured to start in audit mode. Audit mode is useful for adding custom applications, drivers, and other updates to a master image. You can configure a Windows image to boot the computer to audit mode by configuring the following setting in an answer file: Configure the Windows image to boot the computer to audit mode. Windows reboots the computer.

Windows Setup Configuration Passes

The auditSystem configuration pass runs. The Built-in administrator account is enabled. The auditUser configuration pass runs. The desktop appears. The next time you reboot the computer, it will boot to audit mode again.

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