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The effects of pin risk on stock returns have stoci evaluated in several academic papers. Particularly on an intraday level, a volatile Friday morning is likely to beget a volatile Friday afternoon.

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In the case of a particularly quiet day of trading near options pf, what looks like a passive market may be in part attributable to pinning. Gamma is the risk variable that measures how much an option's stock price sensitivity its delta will change for each point move in the underlying. Pinning to a nearby strike price around option expiration tends to dampen price volatility, so it is not an urgent concern for any but the shortest-term equity traders. Market participants love to assign causality and meaning to day-to-day stock returns, sometimes linking the same piece of news to up and down subsequent days.

Options Trading Rules

A wild day of trading, conversely, may not be purely about panicked, earnest investors, but also about the rational unwinding and resolving of prior option commitments. It will not cause a fire by itself, but given the spark of a sizable move in the stock, what might be a slow burn on an ordinary day can turn, on expiration Friday, into a major conflagration. Pin Risk "Pinning" refers to the price of an underlying stock trading closer to an actively-traded option strike price than it would absent the options activity. Think of gamma as lighter fuel.

How Options Expiration Affects Stock Prices

Get the Investing Edge. In recent years, the Federal Reserve has announced surprise interest stocl cuts on expiration Fridays in a less than opaque exchannge to let the cuts have the maximum possible immediate effect. Finally, an unexpected consequence of this look into the effects of expiration on stock returns is that not all market action turns out to be as meaningful as we might want it to be. The best way to accommodate the possibility of expiration-induced price swings is to be ready for more volatility by trading smaller position sizes and setting wider stops.

Negative gamma near expiration can also drive the market as a whole. Many investors don't wish to run the risk of the stock gapping down at the Monday open, so they enter stock positions designed to keep the stock price away from the short strike of their options -- this is particularly true for investors and firms with large option positions relative to the trading volume in a stock. Options exposure meeting those qualifications could significantly move the underlying if traders decide to close out positions under pressure.

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