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The best thing about options is that you have the freedom to choose whether or not to exercise them. If you bet wrong, you can just let your options expire.

With all this talk about how great options are, it seems like everyone should buy options, right? Well, not so fast. Now, here is a detailed analysis of the two basic types of options: Scenario 1: Covered Trxding If you have long asset investments like stocks for examplea covered call is a great option for you. This strategy is typically good for investors who are only neutral or slightly bullish on a stock. A covered call works by buying shares of a regular stock and selling one call option per shares of that stock.

This kind of strategy can help reduce the risk of your current stock investments but also provides you an opportunity to make profit with the option. Covered calls can make you money when the stock price increases or stays pretty constant over the time of the option contract.

However, you could lose money with this kind of trade if the stock price falls too much but can actually still make money if it only falls a little bit. But by using this strategy, you are actually protecting your investment from decreases in share price while giving yourself the opportunity to make money while the stock price is flat. Selling Iron Condors With this strategy, the trader's risk can either be conservative or risky depending on their preference which is a definite plus. For iron condorsthe position of the trade is non-directional, which means the asset like a stock can either go up or down - so, there is profit potential for a fairly wide range.

To use this kind of strategy, sell a put and buy another put at a lower strike price essentially, a put spreadand combine it by buying a call and selling a call at a higher strike price a call spread. These calls and puts are short. When the stock price stays between the two puts or calls, you make a profit so, when the price fluctuates somewhat, you're making money.

tradimg But the strategy loses money when the stock price either increases drastically above or drops drastically below newwletters spreads. For this reason, the iron condor is considered a market neutral position. Options Trading Examples There are lots of examples of options trading that largely depend on which strategy you are using. However, as a basic idea of what a typical call or put option would be, let's consider a trader buying a call and put option on Microsoft MSFT. For this long call option, you would be expecting the price of Microsoft to increase, thereby letting you reap the profits when you are able to buy it at a cheaper cost than its market value.

It is a statistical quantity measuring the magnitude of the daily price changes of that stock. Stop-Limit Order Similar to a stop order, the stop-limit order becomes a limit order, rather than a market order, when the security trades at the price specified on the stop. Stop Order An order, placed away from the current market, which becomes a market order if the security trades at the price specified on the stop order. Buy stop orders are placed above the market while sell stop orders are placed below.

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Strategy With respect to option investments, a preconceived, logical plan of position selection and follow-up action. Strike Price The stated price per share for which the underlying security may be purchased in the case of a call or sold in the case of a put by the option holder upon exercise of the option contract. Time decay is especially quantified by Theta. Time Value The portion of the option premium that is attributable to the amount of time remaining until the expiration of the option contract.

Time value is whatever value the option has in addition to its intrinsic value. Total Return Concept A covered call writing strategy in which one views the potential profit of the strategy as the sum of capital gains, dividends, and option premium income, Callls than viewing each one of the three separately. Uncovered Call Writing A short call option position in which the writer does not own an equivalent position in the underlying security represented by his option contracts. Uncovered Option A written option is considered to be uncovered if the investor does not have an offsetting position in the underlying security.

Uncovered Put Writing A short put option position in which the writer does not have a corresponding short position in the underlying security or has not deposited, in a cash account, cash or cash equivalents equal to the exercise value of the put.

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Outs Security The security subject to being purchased or sold upon exercise of the option contract. Volatility A measure of the fluctuation in the market price of the underlying security. Mathematically, volatility is the annualized standard deviation of returns. You can protect yourself from losing money if your stock declines in price. Basic Option Trading Strategies The following option strategies are meant to be an overview, and to expose you to the extreme flexibility of options. Here is my word of caution, do not become overwhelmed with the number of option strategies that you will find on the web.

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This automatic renewal provision is contained in our Subscriber Agreement which you can access through the MarketWatch. McMillan is perhaps best known as the author of Options As a Strategic Purs, the best-selling work on stock and index options strategies, which has sold overcopies. Gain access to weekly reports with featured information for stock options enthusiasts. Selling Puts For Income By Stock Options Channel Staff If you understand the concept of placing a good-til-canceled limit order to buy a stock, then you are halfway to understanding selling put options.

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This article will explain further. Sinceour company has operated the pugs picking discussion community ValueForum TMwhere members gather each year for an event we call InvestFest TM. Both online and at these events, stock options are consistently a topic of interest, and a key strategy discussed is selling puts.

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