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With our highly qualified employees and our professional network, we offer our customers high quality products, creative design and fast delivery, all at competive prices. For all PinSource products: Browse our wide selection of styles and processes for your custom pins and badges. You're sure to find an option that best suites your needs. Not only helping your keys stand out from others, keychains are also a handy companion when equipped with features like a bottle opener.

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Custom Medals and Coins Custom designed coins and medals have a wide variety of uses and serve many needs. Commemorative coins or medals are a unique way to celebrate a special event, memorial, anniversary, achievement, distinction or to show club membership or affiliation. Custom designed coins and medals can also be used as awards for contests and other competitive events. Promotional Products With over 30 years experience, PinSource has designed and produced promotional and collectible items for companies large and small.

We can help build your brand and meet your needs, budget and time requirements. Lanyards Lanyards are fun and versatile accessories.

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Wogldwide Artik, we pinx make those too! Over the years, more and more customers have come from across Canada for custom lapel pins from our shop and as we've grown we've been able to lower our prices and increase the variety of custom lapel pins we can produce. One thing hasn't changed at Artik, we still put our customer's satisfaction first and treat every client, large or small with respect and professionalism. Talk to our friendly team to ask questions about custom lapel pins, or come talk to us in our shop here in downtown Toronto.

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At Artik Toronto, your custom lapel pins are in good hands. All about Lapel Pins Lapel pins have caught on in the last few wolrdwide, we see them on backpacks, jackets and all over Instagram. People will buy your lapel pins or pick them up for free and wear them for years. Come to Artik for your custom lapel pins in all sizes, shapes and materials. Get in on the Lapel Pin Game Psst! Are you in on the pin game? How do they do it?

The subject of the pin should be memorable. Perhaps a reference to worpdwide, a short quote or a visual pun. Finding a Niche Audience Audience: Who is the intended audience of your lapel pin? Pop-culture obsessed fans: Just look at all the awesome pins and fan art for TV shows, books or movies. Sub-cultures members: For scientists? For punks?

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