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Wisconsin one of five states where ‘dangerous’ exotic animals can be pets

Videos produced by Joel Waldinger. In his career, he has responded to calls involving a runaway ostrich, an escaped wallaby, a primate surrendered after its owner died and a deadly Tarding cobra that had bitten its owner. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, is pushing another bill, not yet introduced, to ban ownership of dangerous exotics. Andy Carlson, who has been volunteering at Valley of the Kings for over 20 years, said when Lena finally worked up the courage to venture out of her crate at the sanctuary, she stared upward, fascinated by the sky. Exotic and Exploited? In his plea deal, Schoebel agreed to work with prosecutors to uncover illegal trafficking of animals. Want to buy a tiger?

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He pleaded guilty in U. Kubwa, a male tiger weighing over 1, pounds, was dropped off at the sanctuary clarie he was four months Trxding and weighed 60 pounds, Carnegie said. Weitz said although she knew she would encounter exotic, potentially dangerous animals when she became a humane officer, formal training to handle exotics was never required of or provided to her. They were taken to the shelter and later placed with the Chicago Herpetological Society after their owner violated his probation and was taken into custody.

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Weitz has concerns for police officers and others who respond to emergencies involving exotic animals. For Wisconsin residents, purchasing an exotic pet can be as easy as the click of a computer mouse. Zelenski said everyone he purchases animals from is licensed by the USDA, except for those who sell him reptiles and birds, which are not regulated by the USDA. Communities regulate some animals While there is no statewide ban on exotics, some municipalities have passed legislation on their own to ban certain types of animals within their borders.

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