Canada legal holidays 2012

In Manitoba, an "Official day of Observance", not a statutory holiday.

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Canadian children will usually memorize the entirety of it during some part of their elementary school education. If the employee is required to work on the holiday, the employee must be paid regular wages and get a substituted day off with pay at a later date depending on the jurisdiction. Halloween is on a Wednesday. Once a hub of Irish immigrants, Quebec's largest city is home to the country's oldest St. Legal Canadian Holidays vs. Happy Canada Day! Next to Christmas, Thanksgiving is the most important family day of the year for most Canadians, and many will travel great distances in order to dine with their relatives.

Canadian Statutory Holidays in 2012

November 11 Jour du Souvenir Commemorates Canada's war legwl. For specific requirements for your jurisdiction, consult the Library section of HRinfodesk. Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Easter Sunday and Good Friday sometime in March or April, exact days vary Like Christmas, Easter is one of the holiest days on the Christian calendar, yet also a holiday that is increasingly celebrated in purely secular fashion.

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