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The Internet has also become a rich source of information, with many sites providing investor information about bonds. In addition, with the growth of business news channels, such as CNBC, investors can check on benchmark Treasury bond prices during the day and stay apprised of the economic releases that tend to affect yields. But once you become familiar with a few terms, the tables are understandable and provide information you need to make informed investment decisions.

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In the stock tables, you can look up a specific company and see its high and low prices for the day before. But with more than 1. Just the municipal market alone would take up close to pages. Fortunately, with so many bonds outstanding, listing daily prices for all of them is neither necessary nor useful. Since only a small fraction of the outstanding bonds trade in any given day, listing representative prices provide investors with sufficient benchmark information to gauge what a fair price would be for the security they are considering.

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Individual stock prices are more directly determined by earnings projection for the specific company. Tab 3 of 6 By the Numbers The tables shown in the general and business media, while varying in format, provide the basic information you need to compare prices for similar treasury, municipal, corporate and mortgage bonds. When considering bonds as investments, there are several pieces of information you need to know: Essentially, all the tables give that same basic information. The Treasury table Government agency tables are similar would be listed in the paper as shown below: So, a bid of The reason for the profit can be explained by the rate column.

The security pays higher interest than a newly-issued three-year Treasury would, so is more attractive to an investor. But because the investor would pay a premium to purchase the existing note, the yield to maturity falls to 5. In general, selling debt is not as easy as just taking it to the market.

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In most cases, millions if not billions of dollars are Tradin in one bonxs. As a result, a lot of work needs to be done to prepare for the offering, such as creating a prospectus and other legal documents. In general, the need for underwriters is greatest for the corporate debt market because there are more risks associated with this type of debt. The final players in the bond market are those who buy the debt. Buyers basically include every group mentioned as well as any other type of investor, including the individual.

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Governments play one of mews largest roles in the market because they borrow and lend money to other governments and banks. Furthermore, governments obnds purchase debt from other countries if they have excess reserves of that country's money as a result of trade between countries. For example, Japan is a major holder of U. Getting bond quotes and general information about a bond issue is considerably more difficult than researching a stock or a mutual fund.

There is not a lot of individual investor demand for the information; most bond ndws is available only through higher level tools that are not accessible to the average investor. In most cases, if you have a brokerage account, you will have access to that firm's research tools, which may include bond quotes and other information. Your brokerage is therefore the first place that you should look for bond information.

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