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Theorem 2. Notice that it is not necessary to store all the intermediate values. Let us call G S. It does not apply to vanilla calls.

Computational Finance

U Lemma 2. But 4T maxs Then. Then the put-call parity implies P 0. In Chapter 4.

Table of Contents

Thanks to Ito's formula. The number a. V as the space of square integrable functions on 0. American options can be exercised anytime before maturity.

For an American vanilla dbook. The result is proved. The chapter ends with similar considerations for other options: There exists a positive constant Ca such that for all t e [0. Implement one variance reduction method see below to speed up the program.

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The Partial Differential Equation which yields. Notions on Ito's stochastic integral and stochastic differential equations are necessary for the following. This problem is ill-posed. Pricing options on assets which yield dividends will be discussed in Chapter 2.

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