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As a beginner trader is also important to accojnts that brokers usually offer fofex versions of their platforms. This is great when you are on the go, as you never need to lose trading opportunities. For commission based trades, the commission is usually a fixed amount per lot traded or a percentage of the total volume traded. For spread based trades, the forex broker generally markup a few pips in the difference between the Bid and Ask price. It should be noted that the spread can be fixed or floating.

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With floating spreads, the spread that is payable depends on the market volatility. Take note that the wider the spread, the more difficult it is for you to make a profit. Account Types All leading forex brokers fod their clients a selection of trading accounts for their clients to choose from. These accounts are typically differentiated by the benefits which they offer the account holder but they vary between the different brokers. For example, a micro or mini account which allows a trader to trade in an amount that is less than a standard lot usually comes with a low minimum deposit requirement. These trading accounts are designed for beginner traders and have higher leverage.

But they also often come with higher spreads. Sometimes, the broker might limit the number of currency pairs which a trader can trade with a micro or mini account. Trading accounts can also vary according to the type of spreads which a trader has to pay. Some trading accounts have fixed spreads whereas others have variable spreads. Or they can be commission based trading accounts as well. Usually the trading accounts that are geared for experienced traders are ECN type accounts which allow the account to access the raw spreads provided by the liquidity providers. Deposits and Withdrawals Another factor which you must take into account when evaluating the different types of trading accounts is the deposit and withdrawal methods supported by the broker.

Forex Brokers with Micro and Cent Accounts 2019

Every forex broker in the industry has their own policies on how they handle deposits and withdrawals. Some brokers may require their clients to fund their trading accounts by direct bank deposit whereas others may be more flexible and support a variety of payment methods. Regardless of the payment methods that are supported, always choose a broker which can provide you with a convenient and cheap payment method. Customer Service The forex industry a 24 hours market where trading activities never ceases. Because of this, it is possible for a forex trader to trade the market continuously.

This means you can encounter a problem which requires the assistance of the customer support team at any time. Hence, it is essential that the support services are available on a 24 hours basis throughout the entire trading week as there is nothing ssmall frustrating than not being able to get assistance when you need it most. Check the methods which are available to contact the support team with eg. In addition, review the response time of the customer support representative. The reason is fairly obvious as the telephone charges that you rake up when calling the support lines can easily build up to a substantial amount.

Our 10 Tips for the Beginner Trader Below we have compiled a definitive list of the absolute best brokers for beginner Forex traders.

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We have considered all of the below points. Sometimes, a forex broker can be regulated in several jurisdictions. The more jurisdictions the broker is regulated in, the most committed the broker is towards earning the trust of potential clients. On trading platforms, the more choices of trading platforms that are provided by the broker, the better it is for you as a trader. To evaluate how the trading platform is able to perform, always try out the demo account provided by the broker. This will help give you an idea of the performance of the trading platform.

Some brokers offer a demo account that works only for a limited period whereas some brokers offer an unlimited demo account. Of course an unlimited demo account is better since you will still be able to use the demo account to back test your trading strategies. It must be easy to open an account and deposit. Easy to list, but hard to figure it out.

We know what's up. If you are a beginner, be careful with forex trading. You can easily lose all of your money within a couple of seconds. The best way to start is to open a demo account and start learning. All five brokers have a demo account.

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A demo account is where you can try out trading with paper money, without risking your own savings. Improve your FX knowledge at forex trading Not sure which broker? You can enter your country and it will show only the relevant brokers. Want more details? Boring, but important stuff:

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