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Change Password - change conesion generator password. Synchronize Time - synchronize the time of the mobile device with the reference server. Accuracy requirement is connected with the fact that the one-time password hsy bound with the current time interval, and this time should be the same on the client terminal and the server side. How to use OTP in the desktop terminal After binding a trading account to the generator, a one-time password will be additionally requested when connecting to it from the desktop terminal: Added an option for transferring money between accounts within the same trade server.

Money can be transferred only from the currently connected account. Select it in the "Navigator" window and click "Transfer funds" in the context menu. In the dialog box, select the account to which funds need to be transferred. The transfer amount is specified in the deposit currency of the current account. It cannot exceed the current balance and the current amount of free margin of the account.

To transfer funds, a master password must be Metatradef for both accounts. If OTP authentication is used for the account, from which funds are transferred, the one-time password should be additionally specified. Transfer of funds is provided in the form of balance operations: The money transfer option should Metatraxer enabled on the trade server. Depending on the settings, there are some restrictions on the accounts, between which transfer is allowed. In particular, money transfer can be allowed only for accounts with identical names and emails. Funds can be transferred only within the same trading server and only between the accounts of the same type.

From a real account funds can be transferred only to another real account, from a demo one - only to demo. The accounts, between which funds are transferred, should use the same deposit currency. Added an option for changing the password of any trading account in the "Navigator" window.

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Previously, it was possible to change the Mettatrader only for the currently connected account. Now any account can be selected in the "Navigator" uay and its passwords can be changed by clicking the appropriate command in the context menu: Added n possibility to set SL and TP levels on the chart by dragging the trade Metatraver of the corresponding position using drag'n'drop. Hover the mouse over the level of the position on the chart. Click the left mouse button and hold it to move the level up or down. For long positions dragging down allows to set stop loss, up - take profit. And vice versa for short positions. Changed the location of commands in the "Window" menu. This command has also been added to the standard toolbar.

In the "Navigator" categories "Indicators" and "Custom Indicators" have been combined into one category "Indicators". All custom indicators, examples, and indicators purchased from the MetaTrader AppStore are now shown together with the built-in technical indicators. Four categories of built-in indicators are always displayed first. Revised the Navigator's context menu. Login has been renamed to "Login to Trade Account". Authentication in MQL5.

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The following changes Mrtatrader been implemented to the hqy context menu: Moved "Open an Account" command to the first position. Added "Change Password" feature. Added "Register a Virtual Server" command. Fixed Metatraer of the Label and Bitmap Label graphical objects with the anchor point located in one of the bottom corners of a chart. The new function allows any EA to exchange data with third-party websites, perform trades based on the latest news and economic calendar entries, implement analytics, generate and publish automatic reports, read the latest quotes and do many other things that could previously be achieved only by using third-party DLLs of questionable reliability.

The new feature is absolutely safe for traders, as they are able to manage the list of trusted websites the programs have access to. This option is disabled by default for security reasons.

Added access to signals database and managing signals subscription from MQL5 applications. Now, a user can receive the Metatrrader of signals, evaluate them according to user-defined criteria, select the best one and conesion to it automatically from a MQL5 program. In fact, it means the advent of Metatradder new class of trading robots that periodically Metatarder through available signals and subscribe to the one that is most suitable at the moment. For this purpose new signal management functions have been added to the MQL5 language: SignalSubscribe and SignalUnsubscribe — subscription management functions.

Thus, a user can not only copy trades, but also to select signals for copying. Both processes are automated. By default, a trading robot is not allowed to change signal settings for security reasons. To enable this function, tick the "Allow modification of Signals settings" option in Expert Advisor settings. Added functions for working with cryptographic algorithms: CryptEncode and CryptDecode. These functions allow you to encrypt and decrypt the data, for example, when sending data over the network using the WebRequest function.

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They also allow you to calculate checksums and make data archiving. Function signatures: Added ability to debug the template functions. Added definition of the custom indicators Metatraeer are executed too slowly. If the indicator is slow, "indicator is too slow" entry appears in the Journal. Fixed the value returned by the IsStopped function. This function is used for determining the forced stopping of MQL5 programs in custom indicators. Fixed verification of input parameters of MQL5 programs by data type.

In particular, for the parameter type ucharone could specify a value greater than Fixed an error in StringConcatenate function. Sit back and read your favorite blog to kill some time. After waiting 5 minutes, then we can get started. Right click on it, then select Connect.

bay Click Instances on the left. Select Connect at the top. The important information appears near noo top. The password should appear if you did not select a key pair. If you did select a key pair, then click on the link Retrieve Password. Amazon decrypts the file and supplies a password for the VPS. Once you know the user name and password, click the link to Download Shortcut File. Save this in an obvious location such as your Desktop or My Documents.

The file type is. Double click the icon that coneion saved to Desktop. Type in the password where prompted Windows Remote Desktop asks for a password. Start installing MetaTrader like you would on any other computer. Running demanding expert advisors or any calculation intensive MQL file will stall the system.

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The setup is sufficient for bare bones trading and not much else. Help Did you get stuck anywhere in the process? Leave comments below so that we can answer your question and make the instructions more clear.

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