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In general but not alwaysAsian options are less expensive than their standard counterparts, as the volatility of the average price is less than the volatility of the spot price. The profit is the average minus the strike price Most average price options use an arithmetic average and sample at discrete regular time intervals such as daily, weekly or monthly closing prices.

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An average price option can be tailored to meet these requirements by including the use of weekly price settings over the applicable period. In particular, the underlying is assumed to follow a geometric diffusion process with a constant volatility. This type of option contract is attractive because it tends to cost less than regular American options. These options have become prevalent in commodity and foreign exchange markets where a party may have regular and ongoing transactions in a particular instrument and a desire to hedge itself against price fluctuations.

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The arithmetic average mean is In general but not alwaysaverage price options are less expensive ,odel their European counterparts. When a business is concerned about the average exchange rate over time. Asian options have relatively low volatility due to the averaging mechanism. They are used by traders who are exposed to the underlying asset over a period of time such as consumers and suppliers of commoditiesetc.

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The value of the option must be solved for upt iterative techniques like Monte Carlo methodsor analytically using approximating expansions see [3], [5] or by specialized tree based methods. However, it is possible that transactions are made with irregular sampling periods. Also, average price options are used in situations where the purchaser wants to cover many spot transactions using only one hedging instrument or in situations where it is prudent to reduce the dependence of an option on the spot price of the underlying on only one date.

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