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For example, the formula uses three financial instruments: The history measuure one-minute bars of a synthetic instrument is calculated based one one-minute bars not ticks of instruments used in its measurre. For example, to calculate the Open price of a 1-minute bar of a synthetic symbol, the platform uses the Open prices of symbols used in its formula. High, Low and Close prices are calculated in a similar way. If the required bar is not available for any of the instruments, the platform will use the Close price of the previous bar.

For example, three instruments are used: If in the calculation of a bar corresponding to Creating Minute Bars All new bars current and subsequent ones of the synthetic instrument are created based on the generated ticks. The price used for building the bars depends on the "Chart mode" parameter in the specification: Price data and some properties of existing symbols provided by the broker can be used for calculating synthetic prices.

Specify the following: Symbol name — depending on the synthetic price to be calculated, the Bid, Ask or Last of the specified instrument will be used. This option is similar to the previous one where the price type is not specified. Bid price of the specified instrument will be used for calculating Ask. The Last price of the specified symbol will be used for calculating Last. Make sure that volume information is provided by the broker for this symbol.

Custom Financial Instruments

If a symbol has a complex name contains hyphens, dots, etc. The following arithmetic operations can be used in the formula: Also you can use the unary minus to change the sign, for example: Mind the calculation priority of arithmetic operations: The operations of multiplication, division and remainder are performed first, then addition and subtraction operations are performed. The operations are performed from left to right. If the formula uses several operations that have the same priority for example, multiplication and divisionthe operation on the left will be performed first. You can use brackets and to change the priority of operations. There are two ways to do it.

In the first one we write the whole algorithm trying to make no mistakes. In the second case we use ready functions that are already debugged and intended exactly for these purposes. In MQL5 there are no built-in functions for calculating moving averages by array values, but there is a ready library of functions MovingAverages. The library is an include file ; it contains functions for calculating moving averages on arrays using one of the four classical methods: In order to use these functions, in any MQL5 program add the following in the code heading: The first group contains functions that receive an array and simply return a value of a moving average at a specified position: SimpleMA - for calculating the value of a simple average; ExponentialMA - for calculating the value of an exponential average; SmoothedMA - for calculating the value of a smoothed average; LinearWeightedMA - for calculating the value of a linear-weighted average.

These functions are intended for obtaining the value of an average once for an array, and are not optimized for multiple calls. If you need to use a function from this group in a loop to calculate values of an average and further write each calculated value into an arrayyou'll have to organize an optimal algorithm. The second group of functions is intended for filling out the recipient array by values of a moving average based on the array of initial values: SimpleMAOnBuffer - fills out the output array buffer[] by values of a simple average from the price[] array; ExponentialMAOnBuffer - fills out the output array buffer[] by values of an exponential average from the price[] array; SmoothedMAOnBuffer - fills out the output array buffer[] by values of a smoothed average from the price[] array; LinearWeightedMAOnBuffer - fills out the output array buffer[] by values of a linear weighted average from the price[] array.

The begin parameter indicates the index of a source array, from which meaningful data start, i. All the pre-calculations are ready, now we can calculate values of the indicator buffer TSIBuffer[], which will be plotted in the chart. It works! Still there are some questions left.

They also help to measuee follow a trading strategy eliminating emotions. Custom Indicators Custom Indicators are custom developed technical indicators intended for analyzing price dynamics. Trading tactics and Expert Advisors are developed based on algorithms of indicators. Custom indicators are only used for analyzing symbol price dynamics. Indicators cannot trade and do not have access to charts.

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Scripts A script is an application written in MQL5 designed for a single ksed of an action. Inricators script can perform both analytical and trading functions. Unlike Advisorsscripts are executed on usef. In other words, if an Expert Advisor works almost continuously, a script executes its function and quits. Services Services enable the use of custom price feeds for the platform and to implement price delivery from external systems in real time, just like it is implemented on brokers' trade servers. Services can also be used to perform other service tasks in the background. Unlike Expert Advisors, indicators and scripts, services are not linked to a specific chart.

Such applications run in the background and are launched automatically when the terminal is started unless such an app was forcibly stopped. Inside folders Experts, Indicators, Scripts and Services, applications can be sorted into subfolders.

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If the icon isthe Expert Advisor is not allowed to perform trading operations. Enable automated trading in the Expert Advisor settingsas well as in the trading platform options. Only one Expert Advisor can run on one chart. If you start another Expert Advisor on the custm chart, the first one is removed. Messure number of indicators applied on one chart is not limited. Application Setup before Start A window of application properties opens before it is started on a chart. The "Common" tab contains information about the application: If a license is required for an Expert Advisor for example, it is purchased or downloaded from the Marketthe appropriate license details expiration date, demo are displayed here.

Individual parameters of the Expert Advisor start are set up at the bottom of the window: Allow modification of Signals settings — this option allows an MQL5 application to subscribe and unsubscribe from Signalsas well as edit signal settings. The functions for accessing the database of Signals from an MQL5 application enable you to perform your own analysis of the quality of signals, dynamically manage the subscription and adjust risks.

More details about the signal managing functions are available in the MQL5 Reference. Allow Auto Trading — measurf option limits the trading activities of Expert Advisors. This limitation can be useful when testing analytical capabilities of Expert Advisors in the real-time mode not to be confused with backtesting. Note that even if this option is enabled, the autotrading for the Expert Advisor may be disabled in the common settings of the platform. Common parameters for all Expert Advisors are specified in the trading platform settings. They allow you to control the behavior of the application making its use more flexible.

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An application may have no input parameters if a developer has not provided them. How to modify application parameters Metatrwder modify a parameter, double-click on it and enter a new value. How to use parameter presets You can use the "Save" button to save the current set of parameters and the "Load" button to load a previously saved set. How to restore default settings To restore the default settings, click "Reset".

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