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They shory then try to sell the goods to recover some of the insurance they paid out to their client. But many manufactures were concerned about compromising the reputation of their brands by allowing products shorg be sold at discounted prices or with damaged packaging. So when he joined the company two years ago to help formalise the business, Bester, who has a background in marketing and advertising, started to tackle this problem. Firstly, he told manufacturers, all Foodies stores would be located far away from formal retail centres, so that these discounted products did not compete with those sold full-price in established supermarkets.

Secondly, Foodies agreed to promote products, not brands — advertising, for example, tomato sauce in general rather than a particular make, unless granted permission from the manufacturer. Thirdly, Foodies places a limit on how much of each product an individual can buy, to prevent wholesalers from reselling the food. Foodies also repackages a lot of products, or strips the brand label from the original packaging.

It then prints its own label containing all the necessary nutritional information. Targeting price sensitive, not just low-income Foodies products are on average half the price of those sold at traditional retailers, and Bester estimates that the company has about 12, customers a month, many of whom are pensioners. He notes it is a misconception that his customers are only within the low-income segment. The poorest consumers, he explained, are more likely to avoid products with damaged packaging, as they cannot afford to risk a product that might be inferior. Bester is also trying to educate consumers about best-before dates and how they can lead to wasting good food, but says that it is difficult.

Consumers were finding expired canned seafood products in some of the country's major retail outlets. Consumers were appalled and the guilty retailers were equally ashamed. It was made clear that products that have gone out-of-date are a real problem for the country's largest retailers.

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Obviously, this is also a big issue for the retailers and suppliers within shotr natural health products industry. And sgort — diligent, focused action — is required to keep the products on the shelves clean, fresh dsted within acceptable consumption best before dates. The first-line onus is with the retailer, predominantly because they are the ones who manage their retail shelves on a day-to-day basis. If they use inventory control practices to ensure consistent product turns, which drive the re-order process, they should be able to minimize the incidence of non-salable goods. Further, retail staff should be conducting spot checks from time to time to ensure proper shelf inventory rotation.

However, the action or non-action of the retailer does not preclude the supplier from dodging their responsibilities as related to the management of short dated goods at the shelf.


If there is a business "partnership" where the supplier actively manages the shelf and related product inventory, then the supplier needs to step-up and assist with the clearance of the merchandise. There really does not seem to be any hard and fast rule, but there needs to be some level of consideration for a shared responsibility from all parties. Too much to lose When the retailer is put into the corner and feels they have too much to lose by disposing of expired and short-dated goods, some seem to believe they can make a fast sale and include the merchandise in a display area along with shop-worn and other old and usually unsalable items.

In my view, this is the worst position to take.

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And second, why would anyone want to "promote" old and expired goods via some of the best real estate in a retail environment? That space should be reserved for "new and exciting" item promotions. Remember, we are all in this business to maximize sales by offering the consumer the best quality products at affordable prices — and that means selling fresh goods day-in and day-out. The supplier, equally, has its challenges when it comes to short-dated products. They initially got excited about the products and went to market, only to find that the products did not sell through at a velocity that was necessary to ensure ongoing success.

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