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The forum is up and seems to be working fine, and as soon as I submit this post and assuming it works - this is the last testI will be redirecting all old traffic to this new forum post, so you will see it first if you are visiting from the old URL. So, first off. The new URL. I have changed the forums URL to https: This change comes with some drawbacks, mostly involving google and content already indexed, but the advantages of having it greatly outweigh the negatives. The largest of these allows me to host the forums on a Linux server, which is very fast and good at hosting php forums, and the front end website not yet completed that will be visible at pattayatalk.

The new logo.

Anyone trading Forex in Thailand

I paid a Pakistani guy for this logo upgrade Is forex trading risky? The Pareto Principle applies here — tade of the endeavour, 80 per cent of people lose while 20 per cent of people make it. However, there are certainly people who make it in forex trading; and they make it very well. Is forex trading like stocks?

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Not exactly. There are three reasons why forex trading is better than stocks. The forex market is open 24 hours a day, you can buy and sell at any time. Why do you say that forex trading is the best way to accumulate wealth?

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There are three reasons. Indicator Templates We will trde a complete installation of Forex indicators. You will learn how to use the indicators to interpret the market trend. If you feel you don't "get it" the first time, come and learn again, FREE! The stellar event was attended by master traders from more than 25 countries.

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The weekend summit concluded with a spectacular Gala Dinner with awards presented for outstanding business achievements. The presentation concluded with many students signing up for further training. Forex trading has become very popular in Thailand.

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