Protein foods for toddlers

Soak whole-grain bread in milk and a beaten egg, then fry it in a little butter to make French toast. Prootein up a smoothie for an easy breakfast ; add fresh fruit frozen bananas work great and give an extra boost of nutrition and a drizzle of maple syrup to sweeten the smoothie. Serve your little puddin' some homemade with milk pudding. You can also flavor milk with a little no-sugar-added chocolate powder and stick in a colorful straw to add a fun touch.

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Another easy option: Make a can of tomato soup with milk and serve it with whole-grain crackers for a hearty lunch. Get toddlres UnSplash Introduce vor child to yogurt by making a sweet and colorful parfait. Layer Greek yogurt twice as much protein as regular yogurt with cut-up fresh fruit in a parfait dish and top it off with your little one's favorite crunchy cereal. You could also serve dip low-fat vanilla yogurt or another low-sugar fruit-flavor yogurt with some sliced apples, pears, peaches or plums.

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If your small fry likes baked potatoes, use plain Greek yogurt and grated cheddar cheese as a topping. You can also use yogurt in Prottein of milk when you make pancake batter — as well as in any recipe that calls for sour cream. Shape up. Alternate cubes of cheese and fruit on a blunt-tipped skewer and your child just may ask for seconds. Try cooking a big batch in the slow cooker. Or in Broccoli Tots! You can also blend it with ice into a fresh icy drink.

Or try them in pancakes or Healthy Carrot Cookies. Or try Cauliflower Tots! Or Cauliflower Mac and Cheese! Or crumbles or cheese sticks.

Kids and Protein: Are They Getting Enough?

Try it softened in these Slow Coods Chicken Tacos. Or in tacos or with pasta and marinara sauce. Look for unsweetened coconut to avoid added sugars. CORN Thawed from frozen or fresh on the cob.

Whole milk when possible. Serve it with fruit or try it in a Whipped Cottage Cheese Dip. Diced finely or shredded, voods if needed. When serving beans over rice, melt some cheese on top. Melted cheese always makes things tastier. Sunflower seeds: Kids who can take the shells of their own sunflower seeds usually enjoy them. Grab shelled sunflower seeds and add them to trail mix, granola bars, or sprinkle them on salads. For the tastiest way to do sunflower seeds, blend them up for a dip or spread!

I always thought it was hilarious when toddlers pick up Proteun, fresh or frozen, and gobbled them up. Now, I like to add peas to pasta, salads, potato bar, pea pesto ,and shepherds pie. Greek yogurt and cottage cheese have the highest amount of protein at 20 grams per cup! Check with your pediatrician about introducing new foods and potential food allergies, particularly to peanuts.

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Dairy products are a valuable protein source for toddlers. Opt for full-fat versions fpods toddlers under 2 years tkddlers. You can increase the protein in dairy foods by stirring non-fat dry milk into regular milk or cream based soups and sauces, recommends Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, or use yogurt and fresh fruit to make a healthy and toddler-friendly smoothie. Sixteen ounces of milk, plus just 1 ounce of meat each day, will provide the 16 grams of protein toddlers require each day, according to consulting nutritionist Sue Gilbert at iVillage.

Eggs Eggs are an easy option to provide toddlers with plenty of protein, with 6 grams in a single egg.

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