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Another Candle Opposite to the Primary Trend Coujter that this rule will fail at times, since two opposite candles is not a strong confirmation signal. Reversal Candle Pattern Other confirmation of the counter trend could be a candle, which completes a reversal candle pattern.

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This could be a single hanging man, or a shooting star on the chart. However, the candle could also be the second candle srtategy a double or triple bottom candle pattern. Example 1: Then you get another candle, which engulfs the opposite candle from Step 1. If this happens, you will have an engulfing reversal pattern on the chart. Example 2: After the opposite candle on the chart, you get a candle, which is fully engulfed by the previous candle. In this case you will have a harami reversal pattern. In both cases, you will have a confirmation of the impulse reversal and hence confirmation that a counter trend move is beginning.

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Counter Trend - Reversal Candlestick Above you see an impulse move, followed by a counter trend. At the end of the impulse, the price action creates an opposite candle. Also, this candle engulfs the previous candle, which creates an engulfing reversal pattern. This gives us a bearish signal on the chart, which alerts us that a counter trend might emerge. As you see, the price decreases to the bullish support line. Step 3 — Trade the Contrary Trend After you confirm an emerging counter trend price move, you should look to open a position. If the general trend is bullish, then the expected counter trend move will be bearish.

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In this manner, you should open a short position. Develop Your Trading 6th Sense No more panic, no more doubts. If the general trend is bearish, then the expected counter trend price move is bullish. This means that you should open a long position. Though there are two obvious reasons why it might actually be a good idea to sit on the sidelines. First of all, it is strange but true that when you switch off and get away from the market for a while, your trading can improve as you get some distance to consider trading problems you have, that are probably mostly psychological.

Strrategy, it is just nice to take some time off anyway, and it helps build discipline, and a realization that you trene make plenty of money by only getting involved in the market when its really cooking. Having said all that, there are prolonged periods of time where trend following strategies cannot make any money, and quite prolonged, deep and obvious counter-trends do happen. So maybe it can be a good idea to try to get some profit from these times? Not to be a pig and be grabbing for every pip long or short — that is a fast road to disaster.

Updated Jul 9, What is a Countertrend Strategy Tradin countertrend strategy is a trading method that attempts to make small gains by trading against the current trend. A countertrend strategy ignores sstrategy popular investment philosophy "the trend is your friend. Constructing a Coynter Strategy Traders can use momentum indicators, such as the relative strength index RSIin conjunction with price support and resistance areas to locate high probability turning points. For example, a countertrend trader may buy a security if it finds support at a week low and the RSI gives an oversold reading below Advanced conditional orders allow an investor to use a variety of both standard orders and option orders to specify a profitable price.

Advanced conditional orders can also be programmed as bracketed orders which are executed when a reversal occurs and include upper and lower conditions to manage potential profit and loss.

Countertrend Trading

For more on countertrend trading see also: Combining Trend and Countertrend Indicators. Turns out both of you were wrong see chart below Exhibit B later on in the same chart In this next chart below which is only a couple days later on the same pair, price eventually falls back to the same key level where we bought at A1 prior. Or, the other option touted is to get long on a break of the pin bar high yes? See the next chart below Turns out both pin bar entries failed, even though it was at a key level while price action was in a range. Now imagine you were long around the top of this chart, and ran into this counter-trend pin bar signal at a key level.

You probably would have taken profit.

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