Turn off computer option missing start menu 365

The WinX Menu offered only the Sign out option.

Power Options missing from Start Menu in Windows 10

Power Options missing in Windows 10 Type gpedit. Navigate to the following settings and double-click on it to open its configuration box: This policy setting prevents users from performing the following commands from the Start menu or Windows Security screen: Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate. This policy setting does not prevent users from running Windows-based programs that perform these functions. If you put a Windows laptop or tablet into sleep and leave it unplugged, after a certain length of time the laptop will automatically cut over to hibernation.

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But these days, you will see unplugged Windows laptops cutting over from sleep to hibernation in only a few hours. That comluter, after only a few hours, the tablet is waking up really slowly. I feel tablets should be nearly instant-on almost all the time because we use them like smartphones—for quick app use. Called Hibernate After The time it takes to cut over to hibernation is called the Hibernate After time and the default setting for this varies by manufacturer.

Power Options missing in Windows 10

On the Surface 3 non Pro it is only four hours. On my Stzrt Yoga hybrid it is only three hours, even worse. The setting to increase the Hibernate After time is buried relatively deep, and here are the instructions to change it. The Hibernate After Setting Steps Unplug your power cord to ensure that the whatever power plan that corresponds with your battery mode is in effect. That will open the Settings window to the correct pane.

Click Additional Power Settings at the bottom of the main pane. For the currently active and selected plan, click Change Plan Settings to the right. On the next screen, click Change Advanced Power Settings at the bottom. In the Power Options dialog box that opens, Advanced Setting tab, scroll down to Sleep, and expand the commands under it. If anything from here in steps below on is grayed out, you may need to click the Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable link near the top. Also, just to be cautious, scroll down to the Battery item and expand that.

This overrides the above timing if your battery is already really low when you put your laptop to sleep.

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Click Okay all the way out. Now you can follow this guide to restore the missing Sleep, Shut down, and Restart options back to Windows 10 Start menu. There are two methods to do this. Method 2: Step 1: Open the Local Group Policy Editorby typing gpedit. Step 2: Then on the right-side pane, locate the "Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate commands" policy and double click it.

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