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What are the tax consequences? If it makes more optoins to hold on to the stock or versux underlying tradihgthe investor can limit that downside risk that lies below the strike price on the put in exchange for giving up the upside above the strike price on the call. Another advantage is that the cost of setting up a collar is usually free or nearly free. The price received for selling the call is used to buy the put—one pays for the other. Finally, using a collar strategy takes the return from the probable to the definite.

That is, when an investor owns a stock or another underlying asset and has an expected returnthat expected return is only the mean of the distribution of possible returns, weighted by their probability.

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The investor may get a higher or optiions return. What are you are trading? How are you trading? If you trade any financial instrument without a strategy that has a positive expectancy, then you are gambling. Let us take a look at a few examples to see whether you are gambling or trading.

If you're still unsure whether binary options is more like gambling you should read this article.

Playing the slot machines in a casino. This is clearly gambling as the odds are in the favor of vversus slot machines over time. The Black Scholes model is a formula used to assign prices to option contracts, but it is geared toward European options. American options command higher prices than European options because the American options essentially allow the investor several chances to capture profits, whereas the European options allow the investor only one chance to capture profits.

Why It Matters Investors use options for two primary reasons -- to speculate and to hedge risk. To speculate is to simply bet on the direction of price changes. Most exchange-traded options are American style, and all stock options are American style. Many index options are European style.

Black–Scholes model

Option Pricing The price of tradign option is called its premium. The buyer of an option can't lose more than the initial premium paid for the contract, no matter what happens to the underlying security. So, the risk to the buyer is never more than the amount paid for the option. The profit potential, on the other hand, is theoretically unlimited. In return for the premium received from the buyer, the seller of an option assumes the risk of having to deliver if a call option or taking delivery if a put option of the shares of the stock.

Unless that option is covered by another option or a position in the underlying stock, the seller's loss can be open-ended, meaning the seller can lose much more than the original premium received.

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