Gtc order meaning

The meaninb of a GTC order comes when a day of extreme volatility pushes the price past the limit price of the GTC orddr before quickly snapping meainng. Volatility may trigger a sell-stop order as the price of a stock slips. If the price rebounds immediately, then the investor just sold low and now faces the prospect of buying high if the investor wants to regain the position. Key Takeaways A GTC order is an order that is executed at a specified price point, regardless of the time frame involved in reaching that point. Brokers generally use GTC to cut down on day-to-day management of their portfolio.

Risks associated with GTC orders include execution of orders at inopportune moments, such as brief rally in prices or temporary volatility.

What it is:

The consequent fallback in prices could leave traders with orrder. Example of GTC order Investors usually place GTC orders because they either want to buy at a price lower than the current trading level or sell at oorder price higher than the current trading level. If the market moves to that level before the investor cancels the GTC order or it expires, the trade will execute. Compare Popular Online Brokers. Do I need to have sufficient margin for placing orders with GTC order validity? At the time of order placement Kotak Securities accepts GTC orders without checking margins unlike normal cash orders.

For the successful execution of GTC order one need to ensure sufficient margin in account.

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Meanning sufficient margin is available at the time of order placement to exchange, the GTC order will ordre cancelled for the day. What is Order Close Date? Close date is a date chosen by costumer out of maximum validity date defined by Kotak Securities that is days to place cash orders with GTC facility. Order validity date is selected at the time of GTC order placement and it defines time period for which order will remain active.

Good 'Til Canceled (GTC)

How oreer I specify the Close Date? Close Date can be selected from the calendar given in GTC order placement form. Mesning happens if GTC order Close date falls on a non-trading day? If GTC order Close date falls on a non-trading day, the order is expired by Kotak Securities on the last trading day which falls prior to non-trading day. Do I need to log in on every trade date to place the unexecuted GTC order? No, you do not need to place your unexecuted order on daily basis; once you enter the GTC order it will be valid till the close date or till order gets traded. Any partial unexecuted order will also enter by the system till order gets executed.

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Is GTC available for all exchanges? Can I place GTC orders at any time during the day? Yes, you can place GTC orders at any time during market hours and even post market hours when the site is open for placing AMO orders. Is GTC available through call and trade?

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